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Office 365 is one of the predominant SaaS, making it easier for a user to communicate with the entire world. Some users might have different reasons to migrate Office 365 data into another email client. One of them could be the control of the hardware in the on-premises Exchange. If you are on the same page and looking to migrate Office 365 to Exchange server, you need to stay on this page and read the complete write-up to gain knowledge about the same.

Now, the question comes: Is there any direct method available to migrate to the Exchange server. Stay in this blog to know more. But moving on to the solution part, let’s check out some reasons for the migration.

Reason behind Office 365 to Exchange Server Migration

Office 365 users looking to move to the Exchange server will have some solid reasons. To know them in detail, check out the below-mentioned reasons.

  • With Microsoft Exchange Server, the user will get complete control of its system, hardware, and infrastructure. But with Office 365, users cannot enjoy such a facility. 
  • If the MS Exchange server and the other application are on a similar network, it’s easier to integrate them. 
  • Office 365 does not provide the user complete control of its data policy (protection). But with the Exchange, the user has power over the data sovereignty for some of the top regulated enterprises, such as law.
  • Exchange Server makes it easier for users to customize according to their business venture requirements, whereas Microsoft Office 365 relatively has limited options.

As you know that there is no shortcut available to make the migration. We have come up with a solution known as the Shoviv Exchange Server Suite, which effortlessly migrates the complete data while preventing data integrity.

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Professional Migration Software to Move Office 365 Data to Exchange

No matter how many Office 365 mailboxes you have, the software easily ad them and migrates them into the Exchange Server. If we look at the advanced functionality of the tool, then first which comes to most in the user’s mind is the data safety during migration. Shoviv Exchange Migration (Exhcnage Server Suite) is one of the safest utilities that offer data safety over any other attribute. Now, we will cover up its better & reliable features.

Export Office 365 Mailboxes

This utility makes it more straightforward to add several Office 365 multiple Mailboxes and export them into Exchange mailboxes. This software also facilitates users to export the Office 365 mailbox into the Public Folder, Archive Mailbox of Exchange. Along with this, it can save items in multiple other file formats into the local directory.

Data Filter Facility

One of the better implications of the software to make the migration process more accurate & precise comes after applying the filter option. This option makes sure to process only filtered items, and the user has a choice to make it a customizable experience. Users can use criteria such as Process Message Class and Process Item Date to filter a data item.

Incremental Export Option

It is one of the advanced options that this software supports. This feature comes as a blessing for the situation where the process gets interrupted. But applying this option before starting the process to Migrate Office 365 to Exchange Server, the software will make sure to migrate non-duplicated data even if the interruption comes during the migration. 

Folder Mapping 

The user can use its folder mapping facility if they need to automatically or manually map the source mailboxes with the target. Using the tool, you can even do manual folder mapping. It means one can map the destination and source mailbox with a different name.

Data Preview

One of the biggest advantages is that the user can check the entire item inside the mailboxes. This feature ensures that only required data goes into the migration. 

High Processing Speed

Every user looks for the software that commands great item processing speed, reducing the migration time. This software is highly advanced and takes minimal time to fetch items, which is much lesser than any other tool. Along with it, the utility also has a high data filtering speed.

Wrap Up

It is clear that the users are still interested in working with the hosted Exchange server. Irrespective of the fact that Office 365 works on cloud technology. We have covered multiple reasons why users look to migrate Office 365 to Exchange and the best possible solution to help them with the migration. You can try out its free evaluation version to know more about the above-listed software.


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