“MB&F x THE SWORD 1839 “Orb”: 100% Swiss watch with futuristic design


The fruit of the collaboration between MB&F and THE SWORD 1839, the Orb appears like a UFO in the world of luxury watchmaking, for lovers of design and avant-garde objects.

Resembling a futuristic eye in the first place, the glistening globe with harmonious curves and the dial in place of the pupil and iris create a disconcerting illusion. However, it is indeed a clock, the fruit of the work of the craftsmen of the MB&F manufacture (Maximilian Busser and Friends) and of THE SWORD 1839, the first designer of luxury clocks in Switzerland.

However, everything is designed to be minimal

Which is the contradiction of such an intricate and technical thing of this inventive clock. First, the minimalist structure is made up of four ultras (which usually designate the protective wings of the beet) that can rotate openly here, making the orb a transformer that adapts to a variety of positions. The shiny white model is reminiscent of the first iPods and their shiny curved shell, a surface that is especially pleasing to the eye and touch, or even to the speakers of the French manufacturer Devialet.

Its creation starts from a block of aluminum that has been hollowed out. Once cut, the elytra are covered with several coats of oven-hardened lacquer which adds shine. The four elytra are attached to the structure by friction torque hinges. So that their inclination remains fixed regardless of the level of opening. This superb achievement comes to life thanks to the movement provided by the SWORD 1839. With an hourly chime and an 8-day power reserve. Mysterious, the globe invites the viewer to unveil the mechanical heart and to discover the movement. Paradoxically with 100% MB&F creations tend to display the movement and the complications in broad daylight.

Max (Maertens) is a born designer

Which is extremely rare these days. In spirit, he travels and explores his personal universe until his vagrancy leads him to a 3D concept. Our differences enrich the creative process while our similarities breed mutual understanding. »Maximilian Büsser.

The new development of the bell is based on a mechanism comparable. To that of the historic travel clocks of THE SWORD 1839. In France, they are known as officers’ clocks because according to legend. After having nearly lost a battle because of the delay of one of his officers. Napoleon ordered his military leaders to always carry a clock.

Watchmaking, technological but also a mechanical challenge. The teams of the 1839 Sword had to design an object in four distinct parts. That know-how to come alive and communicate with each other. A sensational result for what stands as one of the most successful watch creations of the year.


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