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Apple leak reveals next year’s mysterious MacBook Pro


Apple is set to launch five new Mac computers in 2022, including a new MacBook. Mark Gurman points out (in Bloomberg’s latest edition of Power On) that as part of Apple’s 2022 series of Mac launches, there will be a new “entry-level MacBook Pro”.
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Who is this MacBook Pro for?

The new 14 and 16 inches MacBook Pro laptops refer to business computers. While the success of the MacBook Air is due to its mainstream character. We have more of the impression that Apple is ticking a box in the price range. Rather than offering a truly useful customer experience.

With the older Intel-based MacBooks and the great variation in performance. There was a need for a mid-range MacBook that sits between the MacBook Air and the high-end MacBook Pro. Apple has, thanks to the power of its own silicon, succeeded in overturning this argument.

The M1-powered MacBook Air,

Due out in 2020, offers a significant boost in processing power and potential. That has all but sidelined the argument for an M1-powered MacBook Pro. The fact that a MacBook Pro M1 came out at the same time. As it was more like a no-change to reassure the market that the MacBook Pro line was not being ignorer.

There is no place in the progression of a MacBook Pro with power and specifications similar to that of a MacBook Air.

Or will this MacBook Pro try to sell itself as a better computer? Then the MacBook Air thanks to an SD card reader and MagSafe charging port?


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