Kimmco Insulation Pakistan: Get Rid of All Your Heating & Cooling Problems


Choosing home insulation is a wise investment that will pay off in 3 to 5 years. Kimmco Insulation Pakistan can significantly reduce energy waste in summer and winter. And you can reduce your electricity bill by half!

The best time to protect your home is during construction or a major renovation project.
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Check out the information below for expert tips and ideas for effective self-defense. Want more reading? Kimmco Insulation Pakistan has also compiled the best insulation guides to answer your questions about insulation.

What are the most important areas of home defense?

Experience the many benefits of Kimmco Insulation Pakistan. It is recommended to insulate every part of the house. The most important areas for insulation are the areas that lose the most heat in winter and receive the most heat in summer. Roof area and roof are the biggest cause. It accounts for up to 30% of the heat loss and heat of the house, then the outer wall, which accounts for up to 25% of the heat loss, followed by a 10% increase in area.

It is necessary to consider the insulation of interior walls and insulation between the layers of tall houses. Insulation in these areas helps to better heat and cool the house. You can use Kimmco Insulation Pakistan to create a calm and friendly atmosphere for the whole family. Make sure you select the correct R value. The value of R is a measure of the thermal resistance of an insulated battery. Therefore, the higher the value of R, the greater the dielectric strength.

How do I protect my home during construction?

Installing insulation in the new structure is easy and simple. Before laying the floor and plastering the walls and ceiling, the insulation sheet can be placed between the beams and held in place.

As stated in the government energy report, you may need to get a minimum energy rating for your new home. This means that depending on where you live, you should choose at least R values ​​of insulation for different areas of the house.

How do you protect your home after it is built?

If your home is not insulated or old. Installing new insulation can improve the energy efficiency and comfort of your home. Adding Kimmco Insulation Pakistan to existing homes can always be done with proper access to these areas. If you already have roof insulation, you should consider the insulation conditions and decide whether to replace or add insulation. Make sure your home insulation is not wet, damp or moldy. The insulation effect is reduced. This is the best time to install additional wall insulation during a major renovation. Insulation should be installed while the walls are exposed. Before hanging the plaster

Kimmco Insulation Pakistan – How to protect your home

Professional installers can install insulation to provide reliable, high-quality payments. For more information and tips, Kimmco Insulation Pakistan recommends visiting the Insulation Service in Pakistan on our website.

Reward Tips: More ways to protect your home. Whether you have a new home or an existing home. There are other things you can do to improve your home insulation. Here are some ways to reduce airflow and power outages from unexpected places in your home:

1. Ventilate your home

Make sure your home is windless and no energy is wasted from cracks around doors, windows and floors. You can use a sealant tape around the door frame. Instead, patch windows and cracks with putty or sealant.

2. Insulate around the plumbing pipe

Insulation of the hot water supply pipe prevents heat loss from the surrounding air and saves energy costs. The most commonly used materials are flexible foam insulation and foam pipe. Another advantage of plumbing insulation is that it can absorb pipe leaks and roaring noises.

3. Consider double glazed windows

Installing double glazed windows is a big investment! It can save energy and reduce the transmission of external noise to your home. The sealed air gap between the two glasses acts as a special insulating layer. Reduce heat loss in winter and increase heat in summer.

4. Use window coverings such as curtains

Closing curtains and shutters in winter prevents heat from escaping and prevents wind from blowing in. Installing services will help keep you warm in summer and warm in winter.


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