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Flow Control Solutions by Gala Valves Suppliers in Pakistan


Gala Valves Suppliers in Pakistan have now become the recommended HVAC system for new buildings. In addition, an increasing number of fixed heating and cooling systems have been converted to flow systems in existing buildings to take advantage of the energy savings they can provide.

However, the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of controlling flow systems depend heavily on the ability of Gala Valves Suppliers in Pakistan to flow controlling solutions. An efficient and effective HVAC rotating fluid system requires a flow control solution that controls the flow rate throughout the system. To control and maintain the temperature of all air-conditioned areas

Importance of flow control in overflow systems

One of the most common current-related problems that can occur in HVAC systems is excessive current in the distribution branch. Excessive current in one branch means that energy is directed to one branch at the expense of another branch. It causes unbalanced distribution of thermal control

Poor flow control affects system performance in two ways: Out-of-current effective device design. And encourage residents to respond to energy consumption by creating an atmosphere of unfavorable rooms

Flow balance is important both in terms of performance and efficiency. A balanced system is a system in which fluid flow is designed through each coil in the system plus or minus 10% of the flow velocity. If the flow rate is too low to provide the right amount of heat or cold, the coil will not adjust well. If the current on the coil is too high, add more water to the system with excessive friction losses.

If your system is experiencing low current problems, your system may not provide adequate heating or cooling in all areas leading to consumer complaints. As a result, energy is wasted

Flow control means choosing the right valve.

Automatic Flow Control Valves

The automatic flow control valve ensures that each heat exchanger always has the correct flow under all load conditions. Gala Valves Suppliers in Pakistan offers a wide range of medium to large pilot diaphragm valves, including pilot valves. The larger main controller of the pilot valve does not change the calibration depending on the flow of the main valve. This makes the valve pressure independent of each other and improves overall accuracy.

The Gala Valves Suppliers in Pakistan is a hydraulically actuated diaphragm valve. Maintains a predetermined maximum flow rate. These features protect the system against significant deviations from the expected flow rate range, regardless of the various system pressures. This can interfere with fluid supply to any part of the system. This causes heat and cooling to be lost in different parts of the building and high temperatures can damage system components. Flow and erosion

In other cases, the system requirements may be too low. 

If the flow rate is less than the specified design stage, a short circuit occurs in the system when this occurs, which can cause the chiller to fail or the boiler to overheat. In this scenario, a catastrophic system failure may occur. To emphasize the importance of effective flow control, two-way valves must be able to maintain a minimum predetermined pressure difference between the supply and collection lines.

Distinctive pressure maintenance valve Gala Valves Suppliers in Pakistan provides this solution to protect the coil to prevent minimum system flow and reduce excessive pressure. Gala Valves Suppliers in Pakistan, which is installed as a bypass between the supply and return lines, senses pressure on both lines and opens when the pressure difference between the two pipes reaches a predetermined height. This adjustable bypass opening minimizes the amount of water circulating in the system. Offers additional benefits of fast boot.

If demand is too high, the opposite can happen. 

Under these conditions, a low-resistance branch can pass more current while the other branches are exhausted. A separate fan coil unit or installed heat exchanger detects the pressure before and after the heat exchanger and adjusts it until the differential pressure reaches a predetermined low value. This additional internal limitation limits the current through the low resistance branch. Other branches provide sufficient heat to the consumer

These are just three of the many valves that Gala Valves Suppliers in Pakistan offers for today’s HVAC systems. Gala Valves Suppliers in Pakistan are reliable, easy to use and low energy cost. There are also additional features that can be customized to suit the needs of the system. Contact today for more information on HVAC Companies in Pakistan flow control solution.


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