How Many Pet Cats Could I Keep Together?


It is quite easy for one to “collect” pet cats.  These pets can be enticing and even addictive.   Cats are relatively small pets and have simple needs.  They are also more inclined to flee a situation instead of fighting.  But there could still be significant tension between the pets that owners just do not notice.  Cats can trace their ancestry to a mainly solitary species. 

Even though they are able to live as a group, the individuals are typically related or self-selected, thus avoiding space encroachment.  Cats might start soiling or spraying indoors as a way to manage situations where they become stressed due to living with other cats.  This is likely the only thing that all cat owners notice.

If you own two pet cats and they have been coexisting together quite successfully, do consider carefully first before you adopt another one.  If you already have three cats all together under one roof without issues, then consider yourself lucky and should stop there. 

The issue with adopting more pet cats is that the problem may not be limited to just the relationships between the new cat and your resident pets, the addition of another might absent the balance of your resident pets’ relationships, and stress levels could rise between those residents.  Any newly adopted cat will have to be introduced very carefully.

Introducing new adult pet cats to resident pet cats.

The ideal way to ensure compatibility between two cats would be to adopt siblings.  The cats would have grown up with each other, typically a good sign that future relationships would go well (but then again, there are no guarantees).

If you have concerns about your pet’s behavior, make an appointment with your vet care center Savannah, GA.


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