Want to Make Exclusive Swirl Lollipops? Choose Latini USA to Buy Efficient Swirl Lollipop Machines


Do you remember pleading with your mom and dad for swirl lollipops at the candy store? Nothing was as exciting as those rainbow flavors on the stick. For those of you who don’t know, Swirl Lollipops are beautiful confectionery pieces that display of rainbow and exciting tropical flavors. The vibrant delicious candy swirl lollipop is popular among people of all age groups owing to its unique appearance. The demand for the same is quite evident in the past few years. Hence, the need for Latini USA’s Swirl Lollipop Machines. For a long time, these lollipops have been hand-crafted due to the lack of technological advancements but in order to cope with the rising demand, automation is the only way to go for manufacturers. 

Swirl Lollipop machines

The Covid-19 pandemic brought about major changes in the way consumers make lifestyle decisions. Hence, keeping that in mind as well as the rising concerns to hygienically manufactured products, Latini-Hohberger Dhimantec developed the most efficient Swirl Lollipop Machine/s. It is suitable for the production of all kinds of sticks, winders etc.  Our swirl lollipop machine’s lineup includes: 

  1. Batch Former and Rope Sizer Machine BRS-V
  2. Latini-Twisti Candy Rope Twisting Machine 
  3. HLM-200 
  4. DPW Flat Lollipop Forming and Packing Machine

Importance of batch forming machines in confectionery manufacturing

A confectionery manufacturing facility must have reliable Batch Forming Machines in order to produce high quality confectionery products. This is because it is often difficult to maintain production efficiency if the lollipop batch hasn’t been formed or handled properly. Lollipop masses must be handled in an environment with a controlled temperature and most importantly, the speed at which the Batch Forming Machine feeds the mass is of considerable importance. Thus, Batch Forming Machines are essential in confectionery manufacturing. 

Choose Latini USA to buy efficient Swirl Lollipop Machines

Latini has always been the industry leader in introducing innovative solutions that are effective as the industry has progressed. This method is even true to what we do with specialty confectionery products like Swirl Lollipops. We recognize the need for automation, therefore we set out to create the most efficient Swirl lollipop Machines possible. Further, at Latini USA you can be assured of the quality of our production line. 

The Latini Twisti Machine incorporates confectionery elements (both classic and contemporary) and is an indispensable machine as part of Swirl Lollipop Machines’ lineup. Next, Latini’s Flat Lollipop Machines are stand-alone machines that feed the lollipop size, mass, cut it into appropriate sizes, give it the required shape and so on. Once the twisted swirl lollipop mass has been taken off from Latini-Twisti, it can then be fed into the DPW Machine. It is here that the proper forming of the lollipops will take place. Imagine so many features incorporated into one ingenious machine.

Now that you know the specialty of Latini-Hohberger Dhimantec Swirl Lollipop Machines, strengthen your production with our finest machines. Connect with us today to get the latest price.


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