How changing your lighting can make you more productive and practical


Lighting has such an impact on our lives, and not just because they illuminate the dark. The lighting we have in our homes, in our offices – even in the stores we visit! – can impact our mood, productivity and sleep.

If you want to become more productive on a daily basis, you need to look up! Look towards your lights: what lighting do you have in your home, what colour temperature are they, is their design interesting or distracting? These are all vital questions to consider.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at how changing your lighting can make you more productive and practical. See the ultimate tips and tricks, below!

Turn the overhead lights down

Overhead lights that are bright, fluorescent and grating can do more harm to your productivity than good. Certainly, powerful bright lights can make us feel safe and awake, but the lingering glare makes it harder to focus on our work! Stay productive and practical by turning the overhead lights down, instead opting for soft ambient lighting and more focused task lighting in the areas you need it.

Give yourself flexible lighting choices

Some of us are more productive with ambient lighting, such as a warm lamp, and others require a stronger light source. If you have different practical lighting needs, depending on the work you’re doing or the mood you’re in, give yourself flexible lighting choices! For example, place bold pendant ceiling lights by Pagazzi in your dining room, but warm lamplight in your bedroom or lounge. Variety is key.

Be careful with blue light

Lighting that gives off strong, blue light often ‘tricks’ our mind into thinking of early morning or afternoon. This keeps us awake, alert and aware. This might seem like a good thing, and it might well be during the day, but once we’re still awake long after the sun has set, our sleep cycles can be easily disrupted. Look for lights with lesser blue tones, or invest in a dimmer switch for your home.

Consider OLED lighting

OLED stands for ‘organic light-emitting diode’ and is a product that actually powers much of the technology we know and love! Instead of lighting up our computer screens, OLED technology is now being used in lighting of all kinds – easier on our eyes, and more encouraging for those looking to be productive and practical.

Natural light is always best

All in all, when you’re looking to get work done and dusted, natural light is always for the best. Whilst, in certain properties, windows are lacking and light in short supply, it’s always better to use natural light as much as you can. Natural light reduces eye strain and other related issues: it’s what we evolved to see, enjoy and use!

So, how can changing your lighting make you more productive and practical?

Lighting powers our current world, but it powers far more than our surroundings. Indeed, lighting can power us, too! Follow the above tips and tricks for a little more insight on how to use lighting to your advantage – before long, you’ll be the most productive and practical person you know!


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