Inexpensive ways to make your home look more expensive


As the days get longer and brighter, a lot of people are looking at ways to switch up their homes and make them look a little more luxurious. Thankfully, you don’t have to spend a lot to make a big change within your home. Here are some inexpensive ways to make your home look more expensive.

Focus on lighting

You don’t have to purchase brand new lighting to make a big change. Focusing on lighting can mean switching up your main lighting with table lamps, floor lamps or even installing some under cabinet lights in your kitchen, for example.

You could take down your heavy curtains and invest in some new blinds to let more light into your home, and open out the space a bit more, too.

Whatever lighting means to you, let loose, innovate, and experiment!

DIY ‘Built-ins’

Instead of spending hundreds on built-in shelving units, fake the look yourself using pre-built bookshelves. If you’re feeling adventurous you could even try making the bookshelves yourself. Don’t feel pressured into creating everything from scratch, though. Sometimes it’s quicker and easier to purchase what you really need, and DIY from there.

Organise your clutter

Rather than advising you to sort through and clear out your entire house, a better use of your time for now is probably just to find a way to organise your clutter.

Purchasing clear plastic containers or patterned bins are one of the easiest and most aesthetic ways of organising things around your house. You could take this one step further and invest in some multi-functional furniture, like ottomans with built-in storage, or upgrade your beds to storage beds.

Revamp your furniture

One of the best ways to revamp your furniture is to get creative, and switch out some of the fittings. You can create hairpin tables pretty easily by taking the legs off your existing table and attaching some stylish hairpin legs. This look is very versatile and can be used for dining tables, coffee tables or even a stall for a bedroom.

Another inexpensive and easy way to revamp your furniture is to paint old dressers or cabinets. If you’re not happy with the colour of your equipment, change it! You’ll be surprised at what a few coats of paint can do.

Add art

Art doesn’t have to be expensive to be beautiful. You can make use of frames you already have in the house and every charity store has prints available to purchase. Gather a few pieces together and create a little gallery area in a room or invest in a larger piece of art and tack it to an entire wall to give the room a real pop.

There are no rules when it comes to arranging artwork, so just enjoy the process.

Final thoughts

When it comes to renovations, there are no rules to how you should organise or decorate your home. As long as you feel comfortable in it, it really doesn’t matter what anybody else thinks. Your home is your personal sanctuary so go ahead and make it feel like one.


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