How are workbooks helpful to kids?


Workbooks are really helpful in the learning journey of children. workbooks for kids The workbooks help in
reinforcing the concepts better. The kids get to practice well through these books.
Workbooks are available for all age groups.
Pegasus is a children’s book publisher. They have a variety of books for kids. Their products
are available for kids aged 0-12 years. Here is the list of some of the best workbooks from
Pegasus to be introduced to kids:
● Ready to write
We often see little ones struggling to write properly. This is the age where they require
practice. They need to write again and again to get that flair in their handwriting. Such
practice books enhance their writing skills. They get to refine their concepts well too. This
series Ready to write is to be introduced to toddlers aged 2+ years and above. The topics
introduced in these writing books are capital letters, small letters, capital and small letters,
numbers (1-20), numbers (1-50), numbers (1-100), colouring activity 1, colouring activity 2
and pattern writing. These are die cut books with foil covers.
● My ultimate practice workbook
Toddlers need to practice handwriting, they need to learn cursive, phonics and sight words.
These are practice workbooks for kids. The books are perfect for kids aged 2 years and
above. There are 6 different books for kids in this series. The books are based on 6 different
themes: handwriting, cursive writing, phonics, sight words, sight words and sentences and
phonic letters and word sentences. Each book is designed keeping in mind the toddlers. The
kids will get to practice in these workbooks.
● 100 activities to learn more about
Activity books are always fun. Such books keep little ones engaged and occupied for hours.
These 100 activities to learn more about are very fun and interesting workbooks for kids.
There are 8 titles in this series. The titles in this series are animals and birds, human body,
maths, nature, transport, science, space, plants and trees. The books are filled with plenty of
activities for kids to do. The activities are based on the theme of the books. The books are
very colourful. There are 100+ activities for kids. The books are good for kids aged 4 years
and above.
● Basic skills
When your little ones turn 3, it is the time to introduce them to some of the basic skills. Begin
with the simple and easy ones. Teaching them basic skills will fine tune kids’ motor skills.
This is considered to be one of the most productive ways to keep little ones busy and
occupied for long hours. All the topics mentioned in this series are listed under various
creative and fun activities. The basic skills introduced in this series are colouring, cutting,

matching, mazes, pasting, patterns, sorting and tracing. This series comprises a pack of 8
books too !
● The ultimate workbook for children
This is a series of workbooks targeting the age group 3-10 years old children. There is a
workbook for each age group. These books contain multiple activities for kids to do. All the
activities listed in the books are designed keeping in mind the age of the child. There are 8
books in this series: The ultimate workbook for children A, The ultimate workbook for
children B, The ultimate workbook for children C, The ultimate workbook for children 1, The
ultimate workbook for children 2, The ultimate workbook for children 3, The ultimate
workbook for children 4 and The ultimate workbook for children 5.
● 1001 brain booster activities
This is a series of two workbooks for children aged 3 years and above and for children aged
5 years and above. The two books are 1001 ultimate brain booster activities and 1001 jumbo
brain booster. Both the books contain multiple different engaging activities. There are 1000+
activities in each book. The activities are all about tracing, matching, finding the odd one out,
spotting the difference and many more such activities.
● Early maths
Make maths your little ones’ favourite subject with these early maths workbooks. The books
introduce the very basics of the subject. They get to practice maths. The books are ideal for
early learners. Promote application based learning in kids with these maths workbooks. The
books are ideal for kids aged 4 years and above. The topics introduced in this series are
counting, decimals, fractions, measuring, money, pattern, shapes, simple addition, simple
division, simple multiplication, simple subtraction and time.
● Ready for school
It is really not easy to prepare little ones for school. Before sending them to school it is really
important that they know the basics. To teach them the very basics it is good to introduce
these books to them. This series comprises 4 books for preschoolers. The books in the
series are addition & subtraction, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, reading &
vocabulary and writing and spelling. These books are suitable for young learners. All the
concepts are described in a simplified manner. The activities are based on the titles
mentioned in the series.
● My first workbooks
These workbooks introduce kids to the basics of maths. The books are ideal for
preschoolers. These are ideal early learning tools for kids. The books reinforce basic
concepts of little ones and enhance their mental skills. There are different activities listed in
each of the books. The titles in the series are My early maths workbook, My beginner maths
workbook, My first maths workbook and My primary maths activity book. The activities in

these workbooks are based on time and measurement, patterns, colouring, shapes, tracing,
sequencing and many more activities.
These are some of the workbooks that parents could introduce to their little ones. Most of
these workbooks are ideal for preschoolers. These books will help parents to prepare their
kids for school.


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