How to enhance your child’s storytime?


activity books for kidsactivity books for kids
read is what later in life reflects in their character. activity books for kids activity books for kids
could learn some or the other morals. Children should know how important books
can be in one’s life.activity books for kids Books are a useful source of information.
In early years, parents could read stories to their children. This should be made a
daily routine where during bedtime parents read out stories to their little ones. To
make this storytime session really interesting and enjoyable, it is good to read stories
in a really fun manner where parents could enact like the characters in the stories or
they could make different voices. Children love to hear such sounds and voices more
than the words mentioned in the stories. When parents try to act out the stories this
is the time when kids show more of their interest to the stories. They pay attention to
the stories. Otherwise they get bored and lose interest in the middle of the story only.
Parents should try picking up books that interest their child. Because there is no
point in picking such books which children may find boring. The title of the story
books should be fascinating and catch your child’s attention.
Pegasus is a children books publisher. They have a variety of books for children for
ages 0-12 years. They have early learning books, activity books, workbooks, flash
cards, charts, encyclopedias, story books, puzzles, toys and games. Pegasus has
their own website and two kiosks located in DLF Mall of India, Noida and Pacific
Mall, Subash Nagar. They strive to provide the best quality books at the best prices.
Here we have listed some of the best story books from Pegasus that could
make little ones’ storytime fun and engaging:

  1. Things That Move
    Die-cut books are quite eye-catching. These books grab little one’s attention
    instantly. Things that move is a series of books that discuss various modes of
    transportation. The books are very cute and beautifully illustrated.activity books for kids The topics
    introduced in this series are aircraft, ambulance, bus, fire engine, police, train, truck
    and car. These books come in a pack of 4 also named Passenger vehicles.
  2. I am
    I am is a series of 4 books. This series helps in building positive characteristics in
    children. These are padded cover books with hardboard pages. The books are quite
    sturdy and easy for little hands to flip the pages. The four titles listed in the series are
    I am brave, I am clever, I am tidy and I am happy.
  3. First Animal Stories
    The books in the series are die-cut book activity books for kids There are short stories written in simple
    language in each book. The books discuss animals: dinosaurs, penguins, rabbits
    and tigers. These are board books with hard covers. The pages are easy to clean if
    they get dirty. The books are non-tearable ones.
  4. Manners
    To make this storytime fun and engaging, parents could introduce these eva foam
    books to their little ones. These books are very safe for the children with round and
    smooth edges. The books are very soft and gentle for young learners to handle and
    play with. Children could look at those colourful pictures and parents could read
    aloud to them. The 8 titles in the series are hello, please, home, school, table, about,
    sorry and thank you.
  5. World Around Us
    This is a series of books illustrated by Stephen Barnett. There are 16 titles in this
    series with 2 combos: Short stories from world around us and World around us story
    reading books. The books in the series are about our surroundings. The titles listed
    are my home, playing with friends, sam the cat, numbers, where are my socks, in the
    garden, we like ice cream, time to get up, at the zoo, in the tent, down in the grass, a
    rocket to the moon, the mystery of the buried treasure, the big game, the trouble with
    dinosaurs and jamuna.
  6. Benny & Buzo
    This series of books are illustrated by Manmeet Narang. There are 8 books in this
    series and a combo containing these 8 books. The titles introduced in this series of
    books are the magic of brushing teeth, the magic of cleanliness, the magic of
    confidence, the magic of healthy food, the magic of honesty, the magic of politeness,
    the magic of responsibility and the magic of sharing. These books are ideal to be
    introduced when a child turns 3! The books in this series are about good manners
    and good habits that one should be aware of in the early years.
  7. Pop-up Books
    Pop up books are highly attractive books. The kids get amazed when they have a
    look over these books. These are pop up books that are very interactive and are in
    3D. The themes of these books are fairy tales. The titles of these books are Beauty
    & the Beast, Cinderella, Pinocchio, Puss in Boots, Rapunzel and Snow White. The
    ideal age to introduce these books to children is 2 years and above.
  8. Classic Tales
    These are picture books for kids aged 3 years and above. The stories in this series
    are taken from all time classic tales. These are some of the very popular tales for
    children. The stories in the series are Adventure of Huckleberry Finn, The Adventure
    of Tom Sawyer, Alice in Wonderland, Black Beauty, Gulliver’s Travels, Heidi, Peter
    Pan, Pinocchio, Railway Children, Robin Hood, Robinson Crusoe, The Jungle Book,
    The Secret Garden, The Three Musketeers, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and
    Treasure Island.
  9. 5 minute stories
    5 minute stories is one of the amazing series of story books to be introduced to your
    child. Kids get bored and they find loose interest in long stories. This series
    introduces kids with short stories. The kids find these stories really interesting.
    Parents could buy any of these books depending on the age of their child. The books
    are sure to make your little one’s storytime engaging and full of fun.


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