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In order to help google my Business make the most of the opportunities provided by digitalisation and use technologies to promote the recovery of the Lithuanian economy, Google, together with the Ministry of Economy and Innovation, is launching the Auk with Google project. The project will enable current and future entrepreneurs to take advantage of free training and consulting from google my Business, a technology company, to acquire the new digital skills needed to build and grow their business.

“The Ministry supports and contributes to initiatives that allow our country’s business to grow, strengthen, discover new opportunities and adapt to change. The Google my business initiative aims to train around 10,000 businesses for free, to help them discover the potential of digital technology and to equip existing businesses to grow and new ones to emerge successfully. This is especially relevant in this period, when the interest in e-commerce, digital transformation, improvement of digital skills has grown significantly, ”says Rimantas Sinkevičius, Minister of Economy and Innovation.

As a result, digital business transformation and employees’ digital skills are becoming critical to personal, professional growth and business development.

“Digital technologies help people stay in touch during a crisis epidemic and ensure business continuity. Looking to the future, technology will obviously be more important to economic growth than ever before. Lithuania seeks to contribute to the development of the digital economy, helping more Lithuanian small and domestic businesses to sell their products and services internationally with the help of digital technology. And we also want new skills that will help prepare Lithuanian citizens for the job market, “says Vytautas Kubilius, head of Google in the Baltics.

Google specializes in Internet-related services and products, including online advertising technologies, search engines, cloud computing, and software and hardware. 



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