What is Clubhouse used for?


Like going to a viral home party where Drake, Oprah Winfrey and Kanye West also show up. So, sort of, the celebrities and the world’s new exclusive favorite clubhouse can be described. We explain the phenomenon.

The Clubhouse app was launched in Silicon Valley, USA almost a year ago. Today it is red hot all over the world. The concept is simple: You enter digital rooms where audio-based conversations take place. Yes, you can end up in rooms where they are talking!
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Become a member of Clubhouse – so do you

To use the Clubhouse app, you need to become a member. To become a member, you must receive an invitation from another member. Exclusivity is thus a key word! Once logged in, you can choose to create your own digital room where you want to discuss a topic that interests you, or step into existing rooms where the dialogue is in full swing.

Unlike other chat rooms, Clubhouse is based on sound, so you talk de facto with the people in the rooms. Imagine a video conference with the camera turned off, albeit cooler.

SVT Nyheter has spoken with Elin Hammarberg and Nora Bavey, two Swedes who were early to jump on the app trend. They describe Clubhouse as “a great digital home party and when you open the app it’s like seeing a lot of rooms that people are conversing in”.

Like a VIP room inside the club.

Why Clubhouse is popular

The app appeared just as the world was shut down as a result of the corona pandemic. There was a need for many to get in touch and hear other people’s voices when they themselves sat alone in their room, Elin and Nora say.Clubhouse offered closeness and socialization in a different way than other social networks. He compares it to standing in the pub queue.
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Risks with Clubhouse

Because the conversations inside the Clubhouse’s infinite number of rooms take place in real time, moderation is a bit of a tricky nut to crack. Each room certainly has moderators, namely those who created and invited to them. Clubhouse also currently lacks the ability to mute / unmute other members. It is mutual respect and good behavior that prevails in the app.

Celebrities you can find at Clubhouse

In January 2021, Clubhouse themselves stated that they have around 2 million users. If you are eager to run into celebrities, the odds are too high as a large number of the exclusively invited members are musicians, actors, athletes, politicians and entrepreneurs. Swedish stars such as host Amie Bramme Sey and artist Oscar Zia are some who use the app.


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