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Going out in Paris: 4 festive addresses for a timeless evening


To get out of the frenzy of the end of the year, we escape for an evening in one of these 4 addresses that rely on their concept to amaze you. Discovery.

A cocktail under a shower of stars at the Ritz Bar

Newcomer to the circle of Paris addresses not to be missed. The Ritz Brand its concept inspired by the divinatory arts is the guarantee of an evening started under the best auspices. In an intimate setting. Warmed with touches of brass and amber velvet. The eye is caught by this circular bar adorned with a monumental lantern. Which delivers a ritual of sounds and lights every evening at 5.30 p.m. With your head in the stars. All you have to do is choose the cocktail that will hit the mark. That of your astrological sign, or the one whose name reflects your personality. 12 signature proposals have been devised. Including the Flamboyant to embody the personality of the Lion, The Galant for Cancer, or the Impetuous for Aries. Bold combinations that reinforce the sensory experience of the place. A faultless.

The Ritz Bar, accessible by 15 places Vendôme or 38 rue Cambon, 75001 Paris

Paris-Tokyo off the beaten track at Yakuza Paris

The latest addition to the Maison Albar Hotels collection. Le Vendôme has given carte blanche to the Portuguese chef Olivier Da Costa to sign the concept of his restaurant. An entrepreneur at heart, this chef with an explosive personality has made himself. Known through his personal interpretation of the codes of Japanese culture, which he spices up with references to Mediterranean cuisine. We go there to taste ultra-creative proposals that will thrill the taste buds. Such as Sakana Fish Tacos or Kobe Gunkan with Wagyu, foie gras, onion confit, and teriyaki. A colorful menu staged in a contemporary decor that mixes street art and quirky geisha, for a most festive atmosphere. We want more.

Yakuza Paris by Olivier, Maison Albar Hotels Le Vendôme, 7 rue du Helder, 75009 Paris

Head for the Riviera at Mimosa

The new table by Jean-Francois Trapis Piège succeeds in the challenge of appropriating a place steeped in history. The Marine hotel – to make it a place with a friendly atmosphere. From the doorstep, you embark on a sensory journey between land and sea, expertly staged by the architect Dorothy Delaye. Nautical references and bright colors set the tone for a restaurant where the sweetness of life has already taken hold. In the kitchen, the (good) surprise is waiting for you. Chef Jean-François Piège delivers a score with Mediterranean accents, a register in which he was less known. A cuisine without artifice, where flavors are expressed spontaneously.

 We go there for the selection of highly addictive mimosa eggs, the blue lobster from Brittany accompanied by its aioli, or the Pizza-paillard de veal, which will delight meat and gluten-free lovers. Impossible to ignore the desserts, if only to end the getaway in style. The must? The Panettone and citrus-like pudding, and its orange blossom ice cream, tastes great to come back. All are now saying!

Mimosa, 2 rue Royale, 75008 ParisCelebrate the icons of French gastronomy at the George V


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