What are different types of templates to use for resume building?


When making a resume, one thing to take your time with is picking out a Resume Template. On the surface it might just look like choosing what your resume should look like but in reality types of templates much more than that. 

In this article we will discuss why Resume Templates are important, How many types of Resume Templates are there. Moreover we will explore How to use a Resume Template to create the perfect resume. 

Additionally, we will go over “Why the choice of template depends on the job being applied for” and “How to choose a resume template according to the job”.

Let’s Begin,

Why are Resume Templates Important ?

A Resume Template is the visual representation of your resume. This is the first thing recruiters notice, even before reading your Resume. Consequently, if the Resume Template is poorly created and the work is sloppy. types of templates loses the recruiter’s interest. For Example if the format of the resume is off, the recruiter will not spend time perusing through the resume, try to look for something that piques their interest.

Thus, Spend time picking out your Resume Template that you want to use and make it according to the job in question.

Types of resume Templates 

There are essentially three types of Templates. So, let’s go through each one and see what makes them different and how to use each one.


This is the Resume Template everyone is familiar with.  A simple Resume that focuses on the text and is acceptable all job applications. This type of Template will have very minimal designing if any, is easy to use, its sectioned properly and is very easy to structure. 

As mentioned before this template can be used anywhere but if you’re going for a more traditional desk job, this is the template of choice. Furthermore, It gives the recruiters exactly what they expect from a resume but the content of this template is solely dependent on the user. 


This type of Resume template is more useful for dynamic jobs. With very simple yet eye catching formatting this resume template has a very vibrant design.  This is because it grabs the recruiter’s attention and leaves a visual impression. This shows the recruiter that you’re an innovative individual with an eye for design and flair for showmanship. 

This type of resume is for people in high pace modern jobs like Media Marketing or PR Management. In these jobs an individual’s worth isn’t just established by what they are able to accomplish but also depends on how they can create and present themselves and their works to employers. 

It is common to have these Resumes be accompanied with pictures of the job seeker, charts and tables. These elements in this case add to the value of the resume. 


Lastly, we come to the creative resume template.  These types of Resume Templates are reserved for companies that divert from the traditional workplaces and practice a casual work atmosphere. 

Aside from the most basic of Resume Requires, creating resumes can come in many different shapes and sizes. They can include infographics, minimalist artwork and anything that comes to mind. Creative resumes can be in the form of a video, a website or even a business card. 

This type of resume template is not a good fit for all jobs. Jobs that encourage such resumes are ones that cherish creativity such as Graphic Designers and Social Media Managers. 

How to use Resume Templates?

Now that we’ve touched upon the types of Resumes let’s explore how you can use this information. 

Next time applying for a company, think about the company itself. Use the given information above to see which category the company fits into the best and make your resume accordingly. 

Want to apply at an accounting firm. Keep it basic and go for a traditional resume design.

Interested in making partner at a high power law firm. Use a dynamic Modern resume template.

See an opening for a designer at a game studio. Go ahead and let your creativity flow with a creative resume template. 

Pro tip 

One more piece of advice for readers. When you decide where to want to apply but are still confused about where to begin with your resume, use a resume builder.

A resume builder is an excellent tool for making targeted resumes without breaking a sweat or the bank. It’s quick and easy. Just fill out some basic information in the fields provided by the resume builder and like magic our it will compile the information in the forma perfectly crafted resume.

MyResumeLift offers a ATS Friendly Resume Builder, with many different Resume Templates from all categories mentioned in this article. It’s quick, easy and affordable.


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