Deciphering the true from the false about VPNs


VPNs are now part of our internet life. Those who browse without using one should review their habits, as they are a necessary tool to protect our personal information. But some misconceptions about VPNs persist. Here is a brief light on the reality of VPN usage.
The principle of invisibility
Some people imagine that using a VPN makes them invisible. They think that no matter what they do on the Internet, no one will be able to see their trail. It’s wrong. Although using a VPN such as nordvp ensures the privacy of personal data, in part thanks to data encryption, it remains that a search on Google or participation on a social network (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others ) will always leave a trace. If he wishes, an individual can therefore follow it. However, it will not be able to geolocate you.

To be completely confident that you won’t be giving anyone a chance to track you,

You have to change your search engine. Qwant, for example, ensures that your personal data is protected, unlike Google which only seeks to use it to maximize their profits. We must not use our accounts, whatever they are, during a browsing session. In addition, it is suggested to use the “private browsing” mode.
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Le VPN will ensure, for its part, that we are not the target of targeted advertising, following website visits.

The VPN affects the speed of the internet connection

The answer to this statement is colored, as it largely depends on the VPN you are using. It is indeed true that some VPNs cause a slowdown in the speed of our internet connection. This is often the case when using a free VPN, since the servers are not optimized. In contrast, a premium VPN should never affect your bandwidth level. If so, then it’s time to find a new service provider. It should still be taken into account that the further the server is from our computer, the more the risk of slowing down will increase. In other words, our connection might be slower if we connect to a server in Australia.

The VPN represents total protection against malware

It’s wrong. In reality, there is no such thing as zero risks on the Internet. Just because we are browsing the Internet with a VPN does not mean that we will not encounter any dangers. It’s about opening an email containing malware, and it’s too late to go back. The VPN unfortunately cannot save us from our bad decisions.


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