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Can a Realtor Be their Own Real Estate Photographer


As a realtor, you might be tempted to become your own professional photographer. The web has numerous guidelines that you can follow and perhaps can help you meet your objectives. However, it’s not an easy task and there are many obstacles that are not worth your effort, and many things that can go wrong. This article explains why a realtor should concentrate on being a realtor and leave professional real estate photos to the experts.

1. You Have to Invest in Expensive Equipment

No one is denying the fact that the present-day cell phone is sophisticated enough to take nice photos. However, while your cellphone is quite adequate for social photography, it is certainly inadequate compared to the kind of professional real estate photography Matterport cameras are other specialized machines can produce. Investing in this kind of equipment will interfere with your marketing budget and your bottom line.

2. You Need a Lot of Skills to Master Real Estate Photography

The essence of professional real estate photography is creating images that show viewers not only what a property looks like, but what it might be like to live there. What distinguishes a professional photographer from an amateur is the ability to use lighting, angles, staging and other photography techniques to create a sense of space and mood that a cell phone picture just can’t duplicate. Like any other profession, knowledge, skills and experience are essential for making professional real estate photos stand out from the pack.

3. You Need to Master Property Preparation and Staging

Real estate photography is not just about taking nice photos. A professional real estate photographer’s job is to accurately reproduce the feeling of being inside the property, so that online viewers are compelled to make an offer.
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Producing highly compelling and professional real estate photos is the result of property preparation and staging that contribute significantly to the quality of the resulting photos. The best choice would be to hire an experienced person to help you prepare for the photography session.

4. You Need to Master Creative Technology Solutions

Technological trends in the real estate industry allow potential buyers to view the property’s features in 3D without walking inside the property. The 3D real estate photographyMatterport cameras can produceenables viewers to go on visually appealing and extensive virtual property tours form the comfort of their home. Potential clients can conveniently tour your properties remotely, generating more leads. The tours are accessible at any time and from anywhere, creating a higher level of engagement with potential leads. It’s clear that technology is upping the real estate photography stakes, so it pays to invest in a real estate photographer that has access to this type of equipment and software, as well as the know-how to operate it. When you see the increase in your leads and the speed at which your properties begin to sell, you’ll know you made the right choice sticking with a professional real estate photographer.


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