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Types Of Bear


There are eight species of bears around the globe with a conservation status that ranges from the least vulnerable to the most vulnerable. Based on the species of the bear’s habitat, it is North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and the northernmost areas of the polar region. While they’re not typically danger to humans, they could be animals that pose in danger if provoked, scared or if approached by younger bears (cubs) occur.

Types of Bear – The 8 Different Bear Species

It is known that there are 8 distinct species of which differ in appearance, size and the types of food they eat. They are all over North America, South America, Europe and Asia. The include:

  • Asiatic Black (Asian Black ) Asiatic Black (also known as Asian Black ) Asiatic black commonly called the moon , is an herbivore species of bear that is found mostly within Southern Asia, Afghanistan and the areas around Japan. They typically live in the trees of mountainous regions.
  • Brown Brown is often referred to as the grizzly bear. The bear lives in North America, Asia and Europe. They are easily identified by the humps hanging over their shoulders, and by their enormous brown body.
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    It is among the species most likely to be killed by bears today.
  • North American Black – The North American black can be seen through Northern Canada to Central Mexico. It has no preference for climate. They also feed on prickly pear cactus. The is a popular species of mountains. You can however find them in wetlands and meadows as well.
  • Polar Polar Polar bears can be found in the Arctic region that surrounds the North Pole. They move on floating glacial blocks of ice. As the ice blocks break down, the threat to the existence of polar is increased, which makes them more susceptible to disappearance.
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  • The Spectacled Bear A bear with spectacles of all kinds, commonly referred to as”the Andean , is a fan of spending time in the trees. The only bear species that lives within South America. They are in danger of disappearing because of the killing of humans to make money, as well as due to mythology.
  • Panda Panda Panda bear is possibly the most well-known bear in the world because of their cute appearance. They are mostly a lover of bamboo, which is abundant on the outskirts of Central China. Panda bears are believed to be in danger due to their demand on the black market.
  • Sloth Bear – The sloth bear got its name because of the appearance of the sloth. The long snout of this animal allows them to eat prey that isn’t normally associated with bears like termites and termites and. The sloth bear can be seen throughout India as well as Sri Lanka.
  • Sun Bear Sun Bear Sun bears are distinct because of the marks of crescents in cream on their chests. Because they consume a lot of bees ‘ nests, they are commonly known as honey bears. They are found in Malaysia in addition to Indonesia and are in danger of being extinct due to the deforestation.


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