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How to Backup Exchange Server Emails without Losing Vital Data files?


Microsoft Exchange Server is an email client that used to be quite popular when cloud computing wasn’t trending. Nowadays, when Cloud is the future & users are shifting towards it, users want to backup Exchange server emails. This is due to the need for adapting technology with time. Thousands of users are concerned about this query & are looking for a genuine solution. This is why this article is here.

Here in this article, we are going to explore the needs that make users undergo such operations. Moreover, a genuine user query is also there from which we can get an idea of what a user goes through. In addition, this article consists of the solution that users are searching for along with its benefits. Without further delay, let’s start with the needs.

How Do I Backup My Emails from Exchange Server – Solving User Query

There are several reasons that users consider before operating these tasks & some of them are mentioned below. To be clear, these reasons can differ from user to user.

  • Backup for Emergency
    Having a backup of your Exchange files can help you in case you lose your data accidentally. Even if your data has been corrupt or hacked, you can have an extra copy as a safe side.
  • Audits & Legal Matters
    As organizations have to undergo certain audits & legal proceedings several times, it’s quite difficult to present your original data. In such cases, an extra backup copy can be shown in the court of law to prove a certain statement.
  •  Uninterrupted Access
    Users having their data files in an external drive can provide them access to their data from anywhere in the world & at any time. This is a great relief when your data is really sensitive in nature. Moreover, it provides an extra layer of security.

Can I backup Exchange server emails? Hi, I’m Carolyn Chambers from the United States. I’m searching for such a solution for a long time as I want to keep an extra copy of my data files. This can give me the surety that my data is safe with me. If there is any genuine & secure solution, please let me know. I’m desperate for such a solution & it’ll be a huge help if I got the best-suited solution.

Best & Well-Founded Solution to Backup Exchange Server Emails Safely

The perfect solution exists among us as the modern approach. IT experts are totally aware of such solutions. However, new users do not know it very well. It means an option for a dedicated tool that is meant to solve such issues. Experts prefer the Advanced & Genuine Exchange Export Tool to get their desired results. This solution is the result of core research & hardwood of dedicated software developers.

Step-1. Download the backup utility & after that, Open It on your local system.

main screen

Step-2. Along with your Exchange credentials, Select Exchange Version & Click login.

enter credentials

Step-3. Select all the Mailboxes you want to backup from the available list.

select mailbox

Step-4. Select Mailbox Items >> Set Destination >> Click on the Export button.

export files

By following these steps, users can easily execute the entire operation that can give them accurate results just like they want. The respective images with the steps are here to show you what you’re going to see on the screen. Just pay attention & execute the steps carefully.

Benefits Worthy to Learn How to Backup Emails from Outlook Exchange Server

Users can get various benefits from the above-mentioned solution that can give them drastic changes in a positive way. These benefits are exactly what users demand. Have a look.

  • Saving Time
    Taking the backup of such files is definitely helps users in saving their crucial time. This time can be further invested in any other project that can be more productive. This tool is fast & that is why it completes the task in less than half of the time that other methods take.
  • Secured Solution
    This tool is not only fast but also secure. There is no risk of data loss or file corruption while executing the operation. No other solution can cross the level of security this tool provides. Some of them can’t even match it.
  • Advanced Features
    This solution offers various features to users for reducing their efforts. Features like Date & Category filters, bulk export, etc can help users in the selective backup. This feature makes it easy to backup Exchange server emails as it saves users’ efforts & releases their burden.

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Is There Any Alternative to the Modern Day Solution?

If you wondering about any alternative to the above-mentioned solution, then the answer is both Yes & No. A “Yes” because there is a solution & a “No” because that solution is not for all. The manual PowerShell solution is something you can opt for if you’re looking for an open-source solution. However, users still avoid it for several reasons.

  • The manual solution is quite difficult to operate as PowerShell scripts are not something that everyone is aware of. This solution is the most technical solution that requires expert professionals to operate.
  • A lot of features that are present in the automated solution are not here. Filters, bulk backup, maintaining a folder structure, nothing is present here. That’s why users need to do everything on their own to solve the user query “how do I backup my emails from Exchange server.”
  • This solution is also time-consuming. Because of the lengthy process & complexities involved in it, users need to spend more time in this operation. Evidently, this results in reduced efficiency of the employees.
  • A very significant issue is that users’ data is not secured here. As their EDB files are fragile, users may end up corrupting them or losing them. As security is the utmost concern for any business, they need to be very wise while selecting the tool.

Wrapping It Up

As we learn the entire operation including crucial aspects, we are finally at the end of this article. If you want to execute this operation for your personal or official purpose, the advanced solution is the perfect match for you. Download the tool & backup Exchange server emails within the deadline without losing your data.


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