Instructions on How to Import Windows Live Mail Emails into Outlook


Every day, a large number of communications are received from both recognized and unknown sources. The contents of some of these messages include critical information that must be pulled from the inbox. These must be saved as a file to the desktop in order to be used. For this purpose, a large number of email clients support the.eml format. This guide will walk you through the process of importing Windows Live Mail emails into Outlook. Every piece of information that could be found on this subject is included in this document. It includes step-by-step instructions for executing the migration in a straightforward manner with no data loss or corruption. More information about the subject can be found in the following article:

Methods for Importing and Opening Windows Live Mail Emails into Outlook

The following are the guidelines for completing this procedure in the shortest period of time possible without harming the data contained within:

  1. Windows Live Mail may help to import EML files.
  2. Begin by selecting File > Import Messages >Outlook.
  3. Then navigate to the folder where the.eml messages are store by clicking on the Browse button.
  4. Then, to import EML files into Outlook, click on the Next option to proceed.
  5. After that, pick all folders or a specific folder and then click on the Next button to continue the process.
  6. Eventually, emails will begin to flow between computers.
  7. After you’ve finished, click on the Finish button to close the window.
  8. Finally, you will be able to open EML files in Windows Live Mail.

Outlook Email Application Allows you to Import EML Files.

If you have many EML files and wish to import them all into the Outlook email application. You must first convert Windows Live Mail emails into Outlook format. After which you will be able to open the complete collection of EML files in Outlook email application. Many people use professional software to complete this operation. Such as the top reviewd EML to PST Converter, to accomplish it. This is a straightforward tool that allows the user to export all EML files, including attachments, to an Outlook PST file. A completely secure and reliable method of handling sensitive client and customer information. It has the capability of importing multiple.eml files into an Outlook PST file. It is possible to choose whether to consolidate all emails into a single folder or to keep the folder hierarchy. As a result, it is compatible with Windows 10 as well as previous versions.


Frequently, a user will get an email message that has an.eml file as an attachment. They may be unsure about what to do with the situation or how to move forward. There are numerous methods for opening and reading an EML message. However, if there are a large number of them, it can be tough to handle them all. The ones made by email applications such as Apple Mail, Windows Live Mail, and so on are particularly noteworthy. When it comes to how to import Windows Live Mail emails into Outlook. The other approach is available. It can aid in the transfer of email folders containing multiple.eml files from Mac Mail to a Windows PC with this program.

It can be imported into email accounts in Outlook, Outlook Express, and other desktop applications. There is also a more expedient, more trustworthy, and more efficient method of doing this migration. As a result, a third-party program, which is also state at the end of this piece, can use to accomplish this.

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