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A guide to buying the right UPS


A wide range of different industries is reliant upon having constant power to maintain operations. Losing it can have devastating effects, be when controlling traffic systems, where mayhem can ensue if signals fail, leading to severe danger.

Those in finance need to know that they have some kind of fall back if things go wrong so that criminal activity doesn’t benefit from sabotage. Those working in safety-critical situations in dangerous locations also need to know that their safety is guaranteed. The solution of course is a UPS system, with Eaton providing a wide range of models to choose from, but what is the best way to decide which system is required?

  • The first thing to consider is just how much power will be required to cover a power outage. How many devices will be reliant on the UPS and what is the total electrical load of those that it will supply? Purchasing a UPS that has a power capacity of 25% of what is required is a smart plan to cover all eventualities.
  • Another important calculation is knowing exactly how much backup time is required. It must provide enough time for files on a computer or equipment to shut down, which is generally around five minutes before an alternative source of power kicks into action. Perhaps a company looking at obtaining a new UPS may also consider the benefits of implementing PIMS software to a business’s operations.
  • Knowing what the UPS will be connected to is essential before checking out what is available. Perhaps it might be a system with eight outlets that proves essential, to ensure that servers, routers, and switches are all accommodated efficiently. Reliability is also essential, so checking out customer reviews and asking expert advice is also a wise move.
  • There are three main types of UPS so knowing whether a standby or offline model is preferable to a line-interactive or online UPS is best is important. They all offer different features with some being better for different equipment. Getting the right advice is key for those who may be uncertain. The environment where the UPS will be located is also an important factor to consider. Those near vibrating equipment need to be more robust than others.
  • The space available for UPS also plays a part in the decision-making. Tower Racks can be a better option than a Rack Mount on occasions. Costs and budgets also play a part with Tower Racks generally being more popular as they are cheaper and can fit bigger batteries. Once the UPS is installed, there might be time for a relaxing visit to a bird sanctuary.
  • It is also prudent to ensure that the UPS comes with a warranty so if anything should go wrong, there is full cover. Purchasing from a reputable company with vast experience is always sensible, as they will have an extensive range to select from.

Purchasing the most suitable UPS system can provide robust safety solutions and preserve cyber security if the primary power supply should fail.


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