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Healthier Lifestyle important to eat well and maintain a healthy lifestyle, but too many of us think Healthier Lifestyle just too difficult or too expensive to do so consistently. However, there are actually plenty of affordable things you can do every day to make your body healthier and more energetic. Just follow these few simple steps and you’ll find yourself on the path to feeling better and living better in no time!

Why Do We Need to Change?

Most of us know that living healthier is better for us, but are you ever unsure how? Below are three tips on how you can start making healthier choices and lead a healthier lifestyle.

-First, make sure to eat breakfast! Breakfast kick starts your metabolism and boosts energy levels. If we start the day with a healthy breakfast our body won’t feel tempted by snacks later in the morning. -Next, stop eating food at the TV. We don’t always realize it but watching TV while eating increases calorie intake by 67%!
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-Lastly, fit in exercise during your workday: try going for a short walk or taking a short break out in the sun every once and awhile.

What Needs to Change?

There are many steps a person can take in order to lead a healthier lifestyle. One of the best ways is to get rid of all the temptation in their house! Stop buying junk food and chips, stop visiting fast food restaurants, and stop eating out at restaurants. More importantly, start cooking your own meals more often. Whether it’s something simple like oatmeal for breakfast or eggs for dinner, you’ll be doing wonders for your body when you make these slight changes in your routine. In addition, getting into a fitness routine can help strengthen both your mind and body. Even if it’s just running three times a week or hiking with friends on the weekends, making time for fitness can help tremendously with any other healthy changes that you make this year!

How Can We Make the Change?

Becoming healthier can mean a lot of things. There are many ways to make that happen, such as biking more often or joining the gym. But for some people, even when they’re proactive about living a healthier lifestyle, it just doesn’t work out as planned. Maybe you don’t have enough money, maybe there’s not enough time in your day. However, you see it, becoming healthier isn’t always easy on your own—or at least it can be a challenge. It’s like anything else in life; one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why the key is to find solutions that will work for you and your needs because if something seems off-limits or impossible, you’ll never succeed with it.

Why Did You Start Your Journey?

I was asked by a friend of mine one day if I had ever heard of Bulletproof Coffee. When I found out what it is and what it entails, my goal became to incorporate these habits into my daily routine. What started off as a desire for self-care soon developed into me wanting to share the knowledge with other likeminded people who have been thinking about living healthier lifestyles but have been hesitant because they don’t know where or how to start. So here are 5 things you can do right now in order to jumpstart your healthy lifestyle journey:

1. Try some bulletproof coffee every day (or replace your coffee with it), starting by trying just one teaspoon of coconut oil each morning and work your way up from there.

Change Is Not Easy, But It’s Possible. Keep Going!

Starting a healthier lifestyle can be hard but is totally worth it! Assessing where you are right now is the first step. Keep a food and activity log for a week or so and figure out what your bad habits are. From there, create a list of achievable goals that will help you move towards your ultimate goal of living the healthier life you deserve. It doesn’t have to happen overnight, set small goals for yourself. One good way to find something that sparks joy and boosts motivation is by following healthy people on social media (you may already be doing this!) But keep in mind it’s not all about watching someone else do it perfectly.


Some people may struggle with following a healthier lifestyle because they do not know where to start or what will work. Here are some ways you can create a healthier lifestyle for yourself and your family: find a diet that suits your needs, join an activity group that excites you, make changes in the way you shop and how much time you spend on social media, switch up your habits and routines, be mindful of what you eat, drink and purchase , give up unhealthy habits such as smoking, being physically inactive and making self-deprecating comments. Implementing these tips into your life will lead to having more energy, feeling less stressed out and achieving better physical health.


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