Pressed Steel UTE Tray Sides With Drop Features To Them


Whenever you are looking to enhance the value of your steel trays for ute tray mud guards, you have to focus on the tray sides as well. There is a growing demand for pressed drop side kits available among the masses. These are mostly designed for 4wd setups and tradesman 4 x 4 UTEs.

·         These kits are noted to be pretty great for the newer UTE tray builds.

·         You can furthermore add them into the existing trays and ute tray mud guards will enhance the working capabilities all too well.

·         The drop side kits are now available with adjustable versions of tie down tracks so you get to easily secure the light loads.

·         These pressed sides are available for single cab, space cab and even for dual cabs.

·         The kits are now available with all sorts of necessary accessories and all the fittings are made using premium quality stainless steel versions.

·         All these sizes are made to fit the 1800mm wide trays.

Adding multiple accessories by your side

It is true that there are different advantages revolving around the use of steel trays for utes these days. However, the pressed sides can now be dropped down and that results in additional features to consider. Now you get the chance to add multiple accessories without worrying about space restriction.

·         A wide range of accessories is now available alongside some customisation options to make it possible to meet all the storage needs for your particular business.

·         Whenever the matter revolves around storage, drop side UTE trays are perfect for accessing items, organised in different compartments and drawers.

·         Equipment and tools stored in the right place will be pretty easy to find. So, it helps you to save time previously lost while looking for a specified tool at a job site.

Security and safety at its best

Now you get to ensure the safety of equipment and tools as one of the major reasons why multiple tradesmen decide to have a service body, well fitted to utility vehicles. Lockable tool boxes are designed to keep all your expensive tools secure and safe. So, there is no need to unload the tools at the end of your shift, every day. It helps in saving a lot of time as you can leave the vehicle parked safely during day or night, and do not have to worry about criminal elements.

Get the best steel trays for utes right here from Ozi4*4, within your set rates.


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