A Complete Guide To Painless Hair Treatment In India


Hair Transplant in Kolkata is one of the innovative methods of achieving aesthetic goals by implanting natural hair into your scalp. The technique yields everlasting results and offers you the preferred natural look. Hair transplant is a famous process and is storming the marketplace lately. Earlier, this technique was only followed by celebrities because it was costly, and only some clinics in India have the centres to carry out it. Generally, humans needed to journey overseas to get the surgical procedure done. But within the previous couple of years, India has witnessed a previous couple of years, India is witnessing considerable improvement in the classy industry. Cosmetic surgical procedure is getting famous among most of the masses, and focus is likewise growing among common people.

Furthermore, many Hair Transplant Clinics in Kolkata are adopting and using innovative methods of aesthetic improvement by using the latest tools and devices. That is why common people with aesthetic concerns are coming forward to get innovative solutions. And among them, a lot of people, especially males with hair loss issues, are opting for hair implantation methods.

The process of hair transplantation has evolved lately, and surgeons are using various methods to make the process more comfortable and less painful. The process is done by extracting graft follicular units in two methods. One is FUT, and another one is FUE.  The latter is one of the most advanced hair transplant processes that offer natural and long-lasting results. Unlike the FUT method, FUE hair Transplant in Kolkata is pain-free as no cutting or swelling is involved. Furthermore, FUE gives the most natural-looking results as the follicle or grafts can be placed at any angle to ensure that it blends with the original hair completely.

The Process Of FUE Hair Transplantation

The FUE hair transplant in Guwahatoffers the most natural results as the grafts are placed one by one by maintaining a proper angle and determining the orientation.

At Dr. Paul, we treat advanced stages of baldness by FUE. Our team of experienced surgeons will help you to get the desired results. We are the only clinic in the entire East region that offers a painless FUE hair transplant treatment.  Our special anesthetic solution is highly effective and is delivered through a digital syringe (Dentapen) in a very painless method. That is why FUE in our clinic is one of the popular modes of hair transplant. Now let’s have a look at the process.

The process consists of seven steps which are described below.

Take a Snap

The first step of the hair transplant process is to take a picture of the treated area. The medical clinic staff from where you are going to undergo the procedure will take a Snap using unique cameras. Please note that this is a medical photograph and will be taken in a standard background. Your identity will never be disclosed at any cost. At each step, photographs will be taken to measure the progress.

Marking The Areas Of Donor & Receiver

A qualified surgeon will mark both the donor and recipient areas. The donor area will be entirely or partially shaved, and the receipt area will remain untouched.

Graft/ Follicular Extraction From Donor

First, the donor area is prepared by the best hair transplant clinic in Kolkata  and best hair transplant clinic in Guwahati (which is the back of the scalp or lateral portion of the scalp). Local anesthesia is applied in the donor region. Follicles from the donor area will be transplanted to the bald region. A fine surgical tool known as the punch, extracts the hair follicles from the donor area. The punch is a unique device of 0.8 to a 0.10-millimeter diameter which can effectively cut the follicular unit. Then by means of a fine forceps, the follicle is extracted.

Prepare The Follicular Unit For Further Step

Once the follicle is extracted from the donor area, it is submerged in a solution for further preparation. A medical team member starts preparing it under the supervision of a stereoscopic microscope. Preparation & conservation is the most crucial part of Hair Loss treatment in Guwahati as the entire success of the process depends on them.

Storing The Follicular Unit

The Follicular Unit should be stored where the temperature level is optimum with proper hydration to maintain its life and longevity until it gets transplanted to the receipt zone.

The process of Implementation

The most important part and the most complex one. At first local anesthesia is applied to the recipient area, and small incisions are made throughout the area. The incision is made by using a penetrative sapphire crystal blade. The sapphire blades are extremely fine and don’t cause any scarring or damage, thus making them considerably less painful and with no trauma to the scalp. Furthermore, with a very minute incision, the healing time decreases significantly. The depth of each incision should be equal to the depth of the Follicular Unit. The growth and angle of each incision will be similar to that of existing hair, thus making the difference almost zero visibility and imparting a very natural look. Precision equipment like an Choi implanter is used in the receipt area to implant the follicle.

Post-Transplant Care

After 3-4 months of transplantation, almost 80% of total transplanted hair falls off, leaving the root inside. And after 3-4 months, the follicle starts to grow on its own, giving it full proof of natural growth. And as the genetic codes are not similar, the newly grown hair will stay longer and will become healthier.

Recovery Period

  • The receipt area is examined and bandaged as per the requirement
  • In the next week rebandage process can be done as per the requirement
  • The surgeon will examine the hair fall and growth in the coming weeks.
  • The natural hair look can be achieved within 10 to 18 months after the process.

FUE hair transplant in Kolkata is a very advanced method of hair restoration that is safe, painless, and much more effective than any other method. Dr. Paul is the only hair clinic offering this advanced pain-free process at all their clinics all over India. You can contact them for any queries.


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