5 Best Things to Do in Akron


The American city has many well-known and enjoyable sights. Airlines ticket booking is one of Ohio’s largest cities and a famous tourist destination.

When you visit Akron, Ohio, there are many enjoyable things to do. These include sports, culture, the outdoors, the arts, and visiting historical sites. In addition, this region has several gems that will make your trip the best possible and worth Spirit Airlines ticket booking.

Even though farming has become less prominent in the modern world, Akron has a long history of being known for it.

The Akron Fossils and Science Center

Meet the ice age and some fossils of ancient animal species at the Akron Fossils and Science Center on Spirit airlines ticket booking. This fossil museum was founded in 2005 and is now well-known for hosting several science exhibits. There are a lot of interactive displays here that are meant to teach kids about science and animal fossils. When visiting Akron, this is one of the top spots to go. They are reported to have the fossilized bone from a woolly mammoth in addition to dinosaur teeth, eggs, and other animal bones and fossils.

The Akron Art Museum

The Akron Art Museum has seven galleries. These all are well-stocked with a wide variety of artwork.
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These pieces of art date to the 1850s. It has also featured contemporary and modern elements. Traditional paintings, sculptures, photography displays, and drawings are available here.

It has Renaissance-style architecture and is thought to have been built in the first half of the nineteenth century.

Kent State University

Here is where you can find Akron art galleries and shows after landing from Spirit airlines flight ticket. You can visit both the university’s museum and campus. These galleries host a variety of exhibitions, including both rotating and static shows. If you love art, you should add this to your list of fun things to do in Akron, Ohio. The museum at Kent State University is known to feature eight galleries.

The Cascade Valley Park

One attraction in Akron, Ohio, is the Cascade Valley Park, a part of the Summit Metro Parks network. The River Cascades, which can be found throughout the park, gave it its name. It is a valley that is 130 feet or so above river level. This park is exciting because of the view of Northern Ohio that attracts so many visitors. In addition, you may find its deck, which offers one of Ohio’s most breathtaking views.
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Akron Zoo

Children should visit the Akron Zoo when in Akron, Ohio. A non-profit landmark of Akron, this zoo covers 50 acres of land in the city’s center. The Akron Zoo is home to many creatures, and according to statistics, there are over a thousand animals here, representing hundreds of different animal species. One of Akron’s most popular destinations is right here. There are roughly six other regions of the world represented in this zoo, and the animals are organized in this zoo by those regions.


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