How Does Mesotheraphy Hair Transplant Work And Who Can Opt For It?


With the drastic climatic change, the increased pollution levels in the environment, and bad diet due to a busy and stressful lifestyle, more people are becoming victims of hair fall issues even faster. Many people can be seen with balding heads and narrowing hairlines either because of carelessness in hair prepping or genetic disorder. 

If you are also looking for solutions to such issues, then you can get rid of this issue without spending lots of money and time. There are many hair transplant and treatment clinics found in Kolkata, Guwahati, Jorhat, etc. that offer useful solutions for all hair issues. 

One such effective treatment is the Mesotherapy hair treatment. best hair transplant in kolkata is one of the non-surgical treatments and is preferred by many patients over other kinds of hair treatments because of its effectiveness.

What Is Mesotherapy Hair Treatment?

A kind of non-surgical hair treatment most suitable for people suffering from severe hair fall issues, Mesotherapy is a very successful hair loss treatment done by the best hair transplant clinics. This treatment is carried out by injecting nutrient-rich fluid generally consisting of stem cell serum or platelet plasma injections into the scalp. The nutrient fluid is inserted into the mesoderm layer of the scalp which is present between the skin tissues and layers of fat. 

Mesotherapy hair treatment is also popularly known as mesoplasty or mesohair. best hair transplant in kolkata is one of the painless treatments which is non-surgical and thus does not require too many formalities and preparation to be made before days of the treatment. Thus, it saves your time and saves you from the complications of getting a proper surgery done on your hairline. It is a very effective treatment for hair fall and hair loss victims. 

Who Is Eligible For Mesotherapy Hair Treatment?

This treatment therapy is suitable for all people who are suffering from hair fall issues. They are especially good for patients with Alopecia of varying kinds such as Androgenetic Alopecia, Alopecia Areata, Telogen effluvium, etc. Being a non-surgical therapy treatment, it is deemed very popular among people suffering from hair fall as well as hair loss issues. It helps the patients grow naturally healthy and shiny hair with the passage of time after the completion of the therapy.

How Does Mesotherapy Hair Treatment Work?

The procedure of this therapy is quite simple. In the mesoderm layer of the scalp, a kind of nutrient-rich fluid is injected. This fluid allows various nutrients to reach the hair follicles and other sections of the scalp, strengthening them and reducing their shrinking. This in turn leads to the stimulation of hair growth and reduction of hair fall. 

Benefits Of Mesotherapy Hair Treatment:

Some of the main reasons why people get this therapy done for reducing hair fall issues are mentioned below:

  • Non-Surgical Treatment:

Everyone wants to get rid of the hair fall problems as witnessing your hairline reduction is a very painful experience on both emotional as well as physical levels. But, many people believe that the only option is getting surgical operations done to replant the hair on the scalp. This modern hair treatment of mesotherapy makes this belief wrong as it is completely non-surgical. The main characteristic of this treatment is the injection of a nutrient serum or rich fluid in the mesoderm layer of the scalp. This fluid will encourage the growth of new hair roots thus helping the patient regrow hair naturally. It makes it less risky, faster accomplished, and more approachable.

  • Increase Microcirculation:

One of the main characteristics of Mesotherapy hair treatment is that along with helping grow hair roots, it also helps in increasing the microcirculation of hair. This circulation helps in opening the way nutrients reach hair follicles which in turn lead to a fine regrowth of hair. 

  • Reduce The Shrinking Of Hair Follicles:

One of the specialities of this Mesotherapy treatment is that due to the injection of nutrient fluid such as stem cell serum, the nutrients reach the hair follicles. This leads to the reduction of the shrinking of the follicles, which is one of the main reasons for hair fall among most people. When the shrinking of hair follicles will reduce then the stimulation of hair growth also gets increased. This is one of the most popular treatments done by some of the best hair transplant clinics in Kolkata.

  • Shows Results In Four Months:

This is a very beneficial factor that makes the non-surgical treatment an even better option for all the patients with different types of Alopecia. Although there is a fixed time period for this treatment, it depends upon the condition of hair fall damages in the patient. It can be done with prominently lasting results when the therapy is received once a week for at least four months. Patients are likely to get a good result with a reduction in hair fall and healthy growth of hair within this time period. This is one factor that makes it an amicable option than getting a hair transplant done through surgical methods. 

  • Painless Treatment:

If you are one of those patients who are terrified of the name of doctors, injections, and hospitals but are in need of getting hair therapy done, then Mesotherapy will be the ideal choice for you. Though it includes the injectional section of fluids on the scalp, it is minimal to no pain treatment. This means the patient experiences almost no pain while they are getting treated. This makes it a very good choice as the therapy needs to be done for four months to get permanent results. 

Solutions for hair fall issues were never this easy before. Mesotherapy Hair Treatment is a very good treatment option to regrow hair naturally and reduce hair loss for patients with Alopecia. You can get this treatment done at Dr. Paul’s Clinic, as they are the best hair loss treatment clinic in Kolkata and Guwahati


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