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ysl black opium dossier.co is a fragrance inspired by the legendary narcissus. It is a bold, yet sensuous scent with a hydrating effect and a long-lasting scent. The fragrance also contains a surprisingly light, flirty top note that will make you feel fresh. The middle and base notes are more relaxing and comforting, providing you with a lasting aroma.

The fragrance carries a light, airy aroma. Its center and base notes are surprisingly complex, and the scent lasts for hours. The scent’s top notes are light and refreshing, while the scent’s middle and bottom notes provide a feeling of warmth and comfort. The base notes are soft and rich, providing ease and warmth. It is the perfect combination of sexy top notes and sophisticated, feminine heart and base notes.

While YSL black opium has an enticing aroma, its heart notes are less predictable.

The scent’s middle notes keep the body hydrated while the base notes offer warmth and solace. The golden note helps grandstand the aromas, and labdanum, an essential oil from the cistus plant, provides a warm and unique fragrance. The YSL black opium dossier.co ysl black opium dosar.co para: YSL black opiaum is light in the top notes and a bit more opulent in the middle. It has an exotic, sultry, but distinctly YSL scent. The aristocratic fragrance of the YSL brand is a definite winner.

YSL black opium is light and aromatic, and has a unique blend of top, middle, and base notes. It is a heart and head scent, and its main goal is to keep the body hydrated. It has a warm, comforting base note. If you are looking for a perfume that can capture the essence of the opium cistus plant, this is a must-have.

Choosing a scent can be a difficult process.

The quality of a perfume is determined by its top, middle, and base notes. YSL black opium is a heart and head scent. The top notes of the fragrance are light and dry, while the middle and base notes are sweet and warm. The YSL Black Opium Perfume is an excellent choice for women who love to stay hydrated and relaxed.

A fragrance’s quality depends on its top, middle, and base notes. YSL black opium is a heart and head scent, with top notes being lighter and more volatile than the middle and base notes. The heart and base notes are designed to refresh the body and relax the mind. A fragrance with a light, heart and base note is a great choice for the everyday woman.

YSL black opium is a wonderful fragrance for women who enjoy a scented perfume.

The top notes are lighter and more volatile, while the base notes are more subtle. As with all scents, YSL black opium is the perfect scent for women who want a scent that will last all day. It is the perfect perfume for any woman who loves dark and mysterious scents.

The YSL black opium perfume has a light and volatile fragrance. Its heart note is very mellow and offers a soothing effect. The perfume is a unique scent that can make you feel powerful, seductive, or elegant. The YSL black opium is the perfect fragrance for women who want to be noticed. And it does that. Its top notes are light, while the base notes are rich, and your base notes are softer and more musky.

YSL black opium is a light, airy perfume with a spicy, exotic scent.

The top notes are a little lighter than its middle notes, while the heart note is more volatile than the base. It has a rich, mellow aroma and is a perfect choice for women who are passionate about their appearance. YSL black opium is surprisingly easy to apply.

If you want a scent that smells like the opium, you can’t go wrong with YSL black opium. Therefore brand offers many different fragrances, including a unique blend of cistus oil and ysl black opium. The YSL perfume is a very unique fragrance, which can make you look more glamorous or sophisticated. Whether you’re looking for a scent that exudes class and elegance, YSL will have you covered.

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