6 Fresh Styles To Wear Your Hoodie Like A Trendsetter


The warm and loose-fitting hoodie is a modern menswear staple that can be seen in your daily wardrobe. Apart from sticking to the cool and casual outfit of a


hooded jumper and sweat pants, you can also rock your hoodie in certain ways for a look that is as stylish as Your Hoodie Like A Trendsetter is smug. If you are a business owner wishing to spike up the trendiness of your hoodies collection, do make sure to get in touch with a  of repute.

1) With Jeans

You can opt for the classic combo of hoodie with jeans to


enjoy the weekend chills. Try playing with sober color combos as most are sure to work well together based on the modern denim color palette on hand

2) With Denim Jacket

A timeless hoodie playing backup to


the outer denim is a voguish layering idea you can try out. If you are going for a single shade such as black, make sure to throw in different fabric textures. The blue option goes exceptionally well with denim jackets. Try partnering the jacket with a grey or white hoodie for a stylish casual look. Skinny jeans and sneakers along with Your Hoodie Like A Trendsetter can finish the trendy attire.

3) With Bomber Jacket

This street wear may not seem to be the ideal match but you can


observe the glam of modern fashion doing its trick as you put on a dashing bomber jacket over your iconic hoodie. To nail the look, select a zip-up hoodie in classic color such as grey, black or navy. Pair it with a nylon, wool or leather-sleeved bomber, black or dark blue jeans and stylish sneakers to complete this casual urban look.

4) With Blazer

As you head down the smart casual route, the versatility of the hoodie begins to shine. Go for a hoodie of thinner type to make sure that no unnecessary bulk is added to the finished look. Add contrast for a much cooler appearance on office Fridays

5) With Leather Jacket

Besides offering plenty of warmth during winter, this combination is sleek and stylish. You can opt for a black biker jacket and pair it with a black zip-up hoodie to keep the look rugged and edgy. Add slim-cut black jeans for a rocker aesthetic or blue for a more urban feel.

6) With Coat

You can pair a white hoodie underneath your black or brown coat on a chilly Sunday for a casually cool look. Finish the outfit off with relaxed pieces such as loose-fit pants and sneakers.


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