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When it comes to Japanese rock band yano hinaki, there’s a lot of mystery surrounding them. We know they’re a group composed of talented musicians, but beyond that, little is known. That all changes with the release of their latest Yano hinaki solo album flac. Released earlier this year, Solo is a collection of stirring and powerful songs that explore the human experience in unique and captivating ways. If you’re a fan of rock music and would like to experience something unique and new, be sure to check out yano hinaki solo album flac.

What is yano hinaki solo album flac?

Yanohinaki is a singer-songwriter who has released a solo album. The album, titled “Solo,” was released in March 2017. Yanohinaki’s music is inspired by folk and blues music.

What are the tracks on the album?

The tracks on the album are as follows:
1. “haruka”
2. “kimi ni tsuki ni”
3. “yunoHI”
4. “kokoro no naka de”
5. “tsuki no te wo tomaru yo”
6. “ai no uta”
7. “mi wa naisho e”
8. “suruga na kimi e”
9. “himawari no Melody”

Where to buy yano hinaki solo album Flac?

If you’re a fan of yano hinaki, and want to purchase her solo album, here are some places to buy it:

1. Amazon (UK)
2. CDJapan
3. YesAsia
4. Rakuten Kobo (Canada)

Yano Hinaki’s Debut Solo Album, Coming Out July 27th

Pre-orders for Yano Hinaki’s debut solo album are now open! The album will be released on July 27th, with a limited edition available that includes a bonus track and DVD.

The album consists of 11 tracks and was produced by the singer herself. The lead single “Kimi no Koe” is a beautiful ballad about acknowledging someone’s love. The lyrics were written by the singer while reflecting on her own experiences, and it expresses feelings of warmth and security.

Track list:
1. Kimi no Koe
2. Maboroshi no Hito ga Aru Basho ni
3. Watashi wa Doko Kara?
4. Shiawase no Hana
5. Ai to Yume no Naka de
6. Aishiteru yo ka?
7. Kokuhaku na Uta
8. Otome to Boku de…Ai suru Mono? 9. Suki dake nano demo ii Koto ga Dekimashita!?*10. Tsureteiru kara eien ni**11. Kimi to Kiseki wo

Yano Hinaki Releases The Album That’s Been A Year In The Making

Yano Hinaki has finally released her solo album. After a year of hard work and dedication, the album is finally available for fans to purchase.

The album consists of twelve tracks, each with its own unique message. The lyrics explore topics such as self-acceptance, love, and loss.

“This is me. This is who I am,” says Yano in the album’s lead single, “Lies.” In addition to singing and writing her own lyrics, she also collaborated with acclaimed singer-songwriter HIDE (formerly of the band Tacit Blue).

The album was recorded in various locations around Japan, including Tokyo, Kyoto, and Nagoya. It features a diverse range of instruments including acoustic guitars, violins, cellos, and drums.

“I’m so grateful to have completed this project,” says Yano. “It’s been a long journey full of ups and downs but now I can finally see the finish line.”

The Best Songs From Yano’s New Album, Flaconi

As the first and only member of Yano Hinaki’s solo project, Flaconi, it’s hard to imagine what it would be like to not have his infectious vocals ringing through every track. After three years of intensive songwriting and recording, the result is an album packed with personal favorites. Fans of upbeat pop will love “Tokyo,” with its catchy refrain and soaring synths; while ballads like “Kimi no Na Wa” are sure to tug at your heartstrings. Whether you’re a longtime fan or just discovering Yano’s work, Flaconi is a must-listen.

Yano Hinaki – Ningen no Koe

“Yanohinaki- the soloist behind Ningen no Koe”

If you’re not familiar with Yanohinaki, she is the soloist behind the hauntingly beautiful song “Ningen no Koe”. Released in May of this year, Yanohinaki’s debut album is a mix of classical and folk music with a touch of Japanese traditional music. I recently had the chance to speak with her about her album and her inspiration for it.

Yanohinaki was born in Japan in 1984. Her father is a musician, and from an early age Yanohinaki showed an interest in music. She began playing the violin at age six and continued to play through high school. She also became interested in other instruments, such as the harp and shamisen, and began teaching herself how to play them.

In 2007, Yanohinaki met Shoko Asahina, who would become her musical mentor and collaborator on “Ningen no Koe”. Asahina had been working on a new project called “Kaze ni Fukarete”, which involved exploring Japanese traditional music. The two decided to collaborate on the song “Ningen no Koe”, which was released as Yanohinaki’s debut single in May of this year.

The song tells the story of a woman who is tormented by dark thoughts. The lyrics were written by Yanohinaki based on personal experiences that she has undergone


If you’re a fan of Japanese singer-songwriter yano hinaki, then you’ll be excited to know that she has released her first solo album! The album, entitled flac, is available for purchase on iTunes and other online music stores. If you’re curious about what the album contains, be sure to check out our full review below.


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