With an interpreter, the digital conference becomes international


Today more than ever, companies are doing without business trips. The reasons for this are the pandemic, climate protection and travel costs. Instead, digital conferences will take place. Like a real business meeting, it also needs digital interpreters when it takes place on an international scale. With their simultaneous translations, the interpreters ensure business discussions in real time.

According to a recent survey by the Association of German Travel Management (VDR) , business meetings can easily be replaced by a digital conference . 96.4 percent of the VDR members surveyed in May 2021 expect that the number of business trips will therefore also decrease after the end of the pandemic.

Digital conference: how to switch from analogue to digital?

You ask yourself: “What is a digital conference?” The answer is: A digital conference, also known as an online conference or virtual conference, is a gathering in which the participants do not meet in person or live, but virtually.

Various tools are now available for converting a conference from analog to digital, including Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Webex. To choose the right one for your digital conference, you should first determine your needs. Questions like these will help you:

  • Should the digital conference take place within the company or externally
  • How many participants will there be?
  • Should automatically informing e-mails and appointment reminders be sent in advance?
  • Is an audio conference (hearing only) sufficient or would you like a video conference (hearing and seeing)?
  • Do you need video interpreters or telephone interpreters for the digital conference ?

As with a live conference, the participants in a digital conference also need information about the time and place of the event in advance. These must be communicated to you in good time. If it is necessary to register for the digital conference, the information on the registration procedure is also important. There are also instructions on what technology is required to attend the digital conference, e.g. laptop, smartphone, headset (with headphones and microphone).

Do you need interpreters for your digital conference? Our professional conference interpreters interpret into all languages ​​and dialects.

Digital conference with interpreter: why does the sound matter?

Do the participants in your digital conference speak different languages? Then you need one or more interpreters who translate what is being said simultaneously. To do this, the interpreter(s) must be able to hear very well what is being said. The quality of the audio technology is particularly important here: With tonal languages ​​such as Mandarin, for example, the tone in which a word is spoken determines what it means. A change in tone also brings a change in meaning. The clearer and more original the audio technology conveys the spoken word, the better the interpreter can interpret it.

In addition, the audio technology should transmit what was said at the digital conference to the interpreter with as little delay as possible. The faster he hears and interprets what is being said, the closer to “real time” the exchange of information between the conference participants is. Modern audio technology with high-frequency technology already has latency times that are close to zero.

Do you want the spoken word to be translated into written form rather than interpreted and displayed as subtitles on the screen so that the conference participants can read it? A so-called speech recognition system can then be used: it automatically translates what is said. However, the functionality of such systems is still partially limited – the translation is sometimes incorrect.

Such an automatic translation is now being used more and more frequently to create an initial translation, which an interpreter checks in real time and corrects if necessary . Experience has shown that the duo of man and machine achieves almost perfect results when interpreting.

The best 4 tips for your digital conference with an interpreter

  1. Your digital conference needs moderation. Depending on the type of conference and the number of conference participants, they should be introduced to each other and their respective speeches should be moderated.
  2. Virtual conferences have been shown to be much more tiring for participants than face-to-face meetings, even more so for female participants than for male ones. The phenomenon even has a name: “Zoom Exhaustion and Fatigue”. The scientists of the Stanford study name one reason for this, that one often sees oneself on the screen. The constant “self-reflection” causes stress. As the organizer of the digital conference, you should therefore ensure breaks as well as the opportunity to “switch away” from the screen yourself.
  3. Offer extra information about the conversations during the digital conference! Ask the participants in advance for summaries of their speeches and make them available to the other participants – if necessary also professionally translated or interpreted by professionals.
  4. Be sure to test all the technology before the digital conference! Make sure it works properly. Prepare for emergencies and get professional technical support during the digital conference (support).

As a translation agency and professional provider of translation and interpreting services, digital conferences with interpreters and translators are routine for us.

Present your project to us and we will be happy to advise you on how we can support you!


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