Why You Should Use a Free Windows VPS For Your Website


Your website could be the single most important tool in your online business. When you use it to advertise, attract new customers, and sell products, your overall profitability can increase tenfold. With so much riding on your website’s performance, it’s important to make sure that everything will run quickly and efficiently at all times.
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A premium Windows VPS may be able to provide that performance, but what if you don’t have the money to afford one? Luckily, there are several alternatives that will still keep your website running smoothly without forcing you to break the bank.

What is a Virtual Private Server?

A Virtual Private Server, or VPS, is an operating system running on a computer with many other computers on it. All of these computers work together to provide the best service and performance for the user. With free Windows VPS hosting, you can run any number of web applications and web services on your own domain name for little to no cost at all. You will also have root access to your own operating system, which will allow you full control over anything that runs in it.

One of the most popular free Windows VPS providers is DigitalOcean. They offer SSDs (solid state drives), IPv4 addresses and RAM upgrades as well as SSD storage space starting at $5 per month! Digital Ocean offers great customer service, 24/7 server monitoring, industry standard encryption protocols and first-class data centers in several locations around the world.

Pros of using a VPS

A virtual private server is an affordable way to make your website faster, more secure, and more accessible. When you use a free Windows VPS, you’ll have access to all the same tools that would cost you hundreds of dollars if you used them on your own computer. Plus, as your site grows, it will be easy for you to scale your virtual private server so it can handle larger amounts of traffic with ease. Additionally, when you’re using a free Windows VPS, you don’t need to worry about any hardware failures because your data is stored in servers that are not located in the same place where the physical hardware resides.

Cons of using a VPS

If you are running a business on your website, the hosting platform is one of the most important things to consider. If you are interested in learning more about how to find the best hosting, I recommend reading this blog post. But for now, let’s talk about some of the cons of using a free Windows VPS for your website. The first con of using a free Windows VPS is that these servers have a limited amount of bandwidth and storage space. The second con is that they do not offer as much security as other hosting platforms do. Another con is that these servers are only capable of supporting small websites because they have limited resources available to them.

This all being said, if you’re just looking for something quick and easy, then it may be worth your time to give a free Windows VPS a try!

Getting your site ready for a move

After you’ve decided to make the move from shared hosting to your own virtual private server (VPS), it’s time to prepare. A free Windows VPS is an excellent choice for most websites, because it has all of the features necessary for website creation and management. Setting up your site on a free VPS is straightforward and does not require any coding knowledge or complicated configuration steps. Plus, installing WordPress on a free Windows VPS is quick and easy with one click installation through cPanel.


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