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Why Should you Invest In Pure Silk Scrunchies?


Scrunchies are not just a fashion accessory but a functional necessity for most women. Scrunchies help keep your hair remain tidy, whether at home, gym or whilst walking in the park. And of course, as the summer draws closer, it becomes a must-have for those not opting for super short hair.  

Scrunchies made from pure silk have many benefits, especially for long and medium length hair. They have been recommended by various hairstylists and experts due to their superior quality and the fact that they can be used in many different hairstyles without causing damage or loss of hair.  

5 Advantages of using Pure Silk Scrunchies

You can avoid any damage to the hair of your loved ones by giving them good-quality scrunchies as silk anniversary gifts made out of the highest grade of silk. The advantages are listed below:

1. Silk is Gentle and Kinder to your Hair

Pure silk contains natural hair proteins, namely sericin, that nourish your hair. Scrunchies, made of pure silk, are smooth and glide off effortlessly. 

2.  Silk Reduces Split Ends and Breakage:

While sleeping, your tresses tend to get tangled when using a regular elastic hairband. During the removal of your hair tie or scrunchie, one can face tugging and pull, which creates friction and can cause split ends or hair breakage. Silk scrunchies are made from a long smooth fibre and are soft and gentle on hair. It keeps the hair smooth and manageable and reduces split ends and hair breakage. 

3. Kink-free Hair:

Kinks are curves in your hair caused by the elastic of your scrunchies or hair tie. Imagine long beautiful hair that when the scrunchie is removed has a distinct wave or mark around the area? It makes one’s hair look uneven and not well-groomed.  Silk scrunchies help you avoid this as the silk is very smooth and soft, leaving no marks or kinks on your hair. 

4. Frizz reduction:

Scrunchies made from satin or polyester may be cheaper, but they create static, resulting in more frizz and flyaway hair. Pure silk, on the other hand, does not create any static energy and keeps your hair looking neater. 

5. Silk Keeps Hair Hydrated 

Cotton absorbs the moisture in your hair, making it look dull and dehydrated. Dehydrated hair breaks off easily and so cotton scrunchies, although a lot cheaper in price, are not the best for your hair. Silk has anti-absorbent properties and keeps your hair hydrated by retaining your hair’s natural moisture and keeping the hair strand strong. Silk scrunchies not only look cute, but they also keep your hair healthier in the long run. 

Buy Best Quality Hair Scrunchies from MayfairSilk

Always wanted to buy pure silk scrunchies but did not know which ones to invest in? Whether it is for yourself or silk anniversary gifts for someone you care for, we have found this UK based brand Mayfairsilk the best for its wide range of pure silk scrunchies for your hair in different sizes, attractive colours and designs. Being a multi-award winning brand, they use the best quality silk and the scrunchies in 22 momme which are ultra-soft and smooth. The silk scrunchies come in a standard and slim size usually in packs of three.  Their silk scrunchies are OKEO-Tex Standard 1000 certified, assuring that it is free from harmful chemicals or dyes. They are the choice of many renowned hair and beauty salons, including some of the top European brands such as Aldo Coppola. Rest assured your hair is in good hands with these silk scrunchies, which come in a delightful gift box and are shipped to over 30 countries worldwide. 

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