Why Is Truffle So Good?


Even though a shaving of truffles on a bowl of pasta is truly a thing of beauty, most of us are never going to put them on our shopping list because they’re so expensive. But is there a way to make truffles a part of our lives without breaking the bank? It turns out there is: truffle butter.

What is Truffle Butter?

Truffle butter is basically creamery butter with tiny truffle pieces blended in. Because of the pungent flavor of truffles, you will definitely get the taste of truffle amid the buttery goodness. Without having to pay for lots of pricey truffles!

Ways to Use Truffle Butter:

When it comes to truffle butter, there is no end to the ways you can use it. I like to make fancy crackers out of it by melting and brushing lightly on thinly sliced bread or saltines and baking at 400° until golden and crispy.

When you combine truffle butter with scrambled eggs, you get something truly divine. Black truffle butter is also great with potatoes—try it in mashed potatoes or on baby spuds.

The French have a secret trick to make your cheese taste even better: Butter your bread or cracker before adding it to the cheese plate. Trust me—I put butter on all my cheese platters, and I watch my friends have eureka moments. (Think about grilled cheese sandwiches, and how the butter works there.)

This simple yet elegant recipe transforms an ordinary dish into something exquisite.  In this dish, black truffle butter is great and can be substituted for white truffle butter with a blend of Italian cheeses if you prefer.   Also, a little goes a long way so be sure to gauge the right amount.

Truffles and pasta are a match made in heaven. In the Langhe area of Italy, truffles are abundant and so is a famous pasta by the name of Tajarin. This is a rich, hand-cut pasta made with minimal ingredients: flour, egg yolk, water, and white truffle butter. Try it!

 Beurre blanc, a sauce made with butter, shallots, wine vinegar and muscadet (a French white wine), is one of our favorite sauces for fish. Substituting white truffle butter in a beurre blanc lends the taste of nutty garlic to any seafood dish such as scallops, turbot or salmon.

 Cornbread may come as a surprise, but when you finish those sweet and salty muffins with a spread of smooth truffle butter, you’re going to want to make this appetizer again and again.

What about Truffle Oils?

 So, here’s the thing: Most commercially available truffle oils have ZERO truffles in them. Instead, they’re chemical recipes that try to mimic the flavor of real truffles. So unless you’ve got a pipeline to a very high-end provider of oil infused with real truffles, you’re not going to get any real truffle love from an oil in your supermarket.

Ways to Use Truffle Oils:

Combining a bit of truffle oil to melted butter and salt, pour the mixture over popcorn. This is a simple but delicious way to try truffle oil. Whether hosting an Oscar-viewing party or relaxing at home, truffle oil popcorn can elevate the way you snack.

The best thing about fries is that they can be made with just about anything. Some people use cheese, bacon or ketchup, but truffle oil can give them a classy twist. When you’re finished cooking your fries, top them with freshly-grated Parmesan cheese, sea salt and a tablespoon or two of truffle oil.

 Eggs are a breakfast favorite with seemingly endless versatility. Whether you prefer them scrambled, over easy, in a sandwich, deviled or more, truffle oil imparts a mushroom-like flavor that complements the existing egg flavor. Drizzle a bit of white truffle oil right before serving for a fancy breakfast, brunch or dinner meal.

Pasta is a beloved dish among all ages. Truffle oil pairs well with a variety of pasta styles, from comforting to sophisticated. Common pasta flavors like cheese, mushroom and alfredo complement the unique truffle taste. A dash of truffle oil can elevate your pasta to that of a five-star Italian restaurant menu item.

Risotto is a creamy dish that’s made by cooking rice in stock. The creamy taste comes from the starch in the rice, called amylose, which is converted into sugar during cooking. A slow cooking process draws out this starch to give risotto a velvety sauce. It comes together slowly, and the creamy taste reflects the effort put into the cooking process. Risotto is best served straight from the stove, which provides the perfect opportunity to use truffle oil. Add a bit of truffle oil at the end of your process to impart a mushroom-like depth that enhances your hard work.\

 Truffle oil complements the flavors of most fish. Drizzle truffle oil over mild fish, and it will shine through without the need for a variety of herbs or lemon juice. Use truffle oil on top of more flavorful fish for a deeper flavor and unique flair. Either way, you can get creative with your truffle oil and fish combinations to find the pairing you love the most.

To take your dip to the next level, mix some truffle oil into your hummus. Whether the hummus is store-bought or homemade, a few teaspoons mixed in and a drizzle on top can complement the existing flavors. Keep your hummus room temperature or refrigerated to preserve the truffle flavors longer. Serve with your favorite pita or blue corn chips to enjoy a classic dip with a classy twist.


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