Where Can You Get Cash for Your Checks?


Checking accounts make it easier to manage money, yet a large majority of Americans do not have one. According to Federal Reserve (Fed) statistics, 6% of U.S. adults are unbanked, which means they do not have a checking, savings, or money market account. They instead depend on other financial services, such as check cashing stores near me and payday lenders, to satisfy their demands.

Another 16% are underbanked, which means they have bank accounts but rely on other financial services. Using alternative services to complete even basic chores, such as check cashing, may quickly add up. Fortunately, there are alternatives to avoiding exorbitant fees when cashing a check.

Where Can I Cash a Check?

There are several alternatives available when determining where to cash a check. Some options may be more evident than others, depending on whether or not you have a bank account. Here are some of the best check cashing locations to consider.

Local Banks or Credit Unions

If you have a bank account or a credit union account, this may be the best choice for cashing a check. Personal checks, payroll checks, certified or cashier’s checks, and government-issued checks may all be cashed in banks and credit unions.

But what if you don’t have a bank or credit union account? Banks and credit unions are not required by federal law to cash cheques for persons who are not their clients. Nonetheless, the bank could agree to cash your check in return for a charge.

The Issuing Bank

Even if you don’t have an account with the issuing bank, you may cash a check there. In other words, you might take the check to the check writer’s bank. Again, it is up to the bank to decide whether or not to fulfill your request to cash a check, and you may or may not be charged a fee. If the check writer’s account does not have enough money to cover the check, the bank may be unable to cash it.

Grocery Stores

A fee may be charged to cash a check. Pay Less Supermarkets, for example, charges between $4.50 and $7.50 depending on the size of the check. In place of a charge, a grocery shop, such as WinCo Foods, may ask you to make a minimum purchase. 

Whether you have a bank account or not, your local grocery shop may provide check-cashing services. Whether you want to cash a check at your grocery store, ask the customer service desk if it is possible.

Check Cashing Store

It is best to connect with the best check cashing store in Pompano, like Atlantic Check Cashing Store, for cashing any checks you have. You will be charged only a nominal fee here.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to money management, having a bank account may make life much simpler. When you need to cash a check, write a check to pay bills or other costs, or have a safe means to make online purchases using a debit card, there are fewer difficulties. However, if you do not yet have a bank account, there are various options for cashing a check. When considering the various choices, take in mind how much you would spend for the convenience of being able to cash a check without a bank account.


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