What You Should Expect From NDIS Support Worker


This is a fact that NDIS support worker will change your life for sure. Most of the time when people say these words then NDIS seems like they are exaggerating. But the reality is different, people with a disability know how much their lives change once they receive support from them. NDIS support workers help you live life independently as much as possible. They help you get engaged with the community.

This article has been written to give you answers to all the questions. Being conscious is common. You should be protective of yourself. Some extra questions won’t hurt you but will give you the satisfaction that you are in the right hands. Yes, it is tricky to know what we should expect from NDIS support worker but that is ok. You will get some briefings about them in this article.

6 Steps to consider while meeting NDIS support worker 

Here are some of the steps you need to know and have to go through while getting service from an support worker. It may vary a little but yeah these are some general steps.

  1. NDIS plan
  2. The coordinator from the local area gets in touch with the provider
  3. Some discussions with the provider to know what they expect from a worker
  4. Do allocation of a support worker, one with a good match
  5. Have a meeting with a potential support worker
  6. Schedule meetings or sessions with the support worker

Step 1# NDIS plan

The most important thing is funding before planning. If you are not part of then you will have to pay privately. On other hand, if you have , Government will pay your support workers. Why you would pay if you are eligible for funds? Check it out and see what is the criteria. You may need reports and statements showing how your disability stops you from being completely functional.

Step 2# The coordinator from the local area gets in touch with the provider

You should know that every participant is not the same. You are unique and need different care. It is not like if someone is getting services, you will receive the same. No! You will need different things that fit according to your goals. NDIS funding is given based on goals and support required. The best person who can help you in the situation is your local area coordinator.

Step 3# Some discussions with the service provider

This is the most common, easy but important step. You will speak first and the NDIS support worker will listen to you. He will try to analyze what you are expecting from NDIS. All collected information with your preferences like if you need a support worker of certain age, male or female support provider everything will be considered.

Step 4# Allocation of Support Worker

In this step, the NDIS support worker will connect with you, and the NDIS provider is going to help you. The provider has all the knowledge about support workers. They know which is best and what will suit that particular person.

Step 5# Meeting with a potential support worker

NDIS knows that bringing an NDIS support worker into your life is a big step. You might be worried that how it will be done. So, the NDIS provider makes sure that you get the best out of it. They arrange meetings and help you decide if you feel safe or not.

Step 6# Schedule Sessions

You should know that the total number of sessions completely depends on your NDIS plan. NDIS support worker will be paid accordingly. Some participants take help from one support worker and some may need more than one. It is totally on need and funds.


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