What Should You Expect After Completing Your Beard Transplant?


You must be wondering why some men have a fuller and thicker beard, while some others don’t. In most cases, the reason behind this is genes. Apart from the genetic factor, there is ethnicity, hormones, and age which play a vital role in the growth of a beard. On the other hand, some men have the heredity problem of losing hair. However, a beard makes many men look complete. So, if you are missing the beard that you desire, worry not as medical science has brought to you the process of beard transplant.

Wondering what beard transplant is? Want to know more about the process? Well then, you have come to the right place. In this blog, we will include the definition of beard transplantation along with its process and what can you expect from it. We will also try to focus on the beard transplant cost in Turkey to help you guide you in a better way. So, without further delay, let’s begin with the process.

What is beard transplantation?

Beard transplantation is very similar to that of a hair transplantation process. The only difference between the two is in the location. While a beard transplant places hair on the beard, a hair transplant, is done on the head. In a beard transplant, the surgeon extracts hair from the hairy region of your body and implants them on the jawline to enhance the growth of a thick beard.

In these surgeries, generally, the surgeon prefers choosing hair from the nape or back of the skull, neckline, or from under your chin and putting it on the beard. Generally, while this operation is going on, the surgeon takes 4000 to 7000 hair follicles. What takes most of the time in a beard transplant is removing hair follicles from one region and implanting them on the other one by one.

What can you expect after the beard transplant?

People opt for getting a beard transplant with the hope of having a thick and dense beard that they were eyeing for so long. Therefore, it is expected that patients will wait for a positive result after the beard transplantation. Once you have undergone the beard transplantation process, these are what you can expect:

  • Right after the surgery, you will see scar marks for the next 3 – 4 days in the beard area. This is due to the incisions that the surgeon has made while extracting the hair follicles from one region and transplanting them to other. However, you need not worry about these marks. You can resume your work even after the beard transplantation surgery.
  • After the beard transplantation process, the doctor will advise you not to wash your beard for the next 5 to 7 days. This is because the transplanted hair is then in its tenderest condition. Therefore, washing them vigorously might take them off their roots. This is a clear indication of the way you have to avoid getting drenched in rain. Indeed, all people can’t stay away from taking shower for a week. All you can do is pour water on the body, except the face. In case you feel hot or uncomfortable, take a spongy and soft cloth, soak it in lukewarm water and apply it gently on your face, precisely on those portions that do not have hair in it.
  • Within the first two-three weeks of the beard transplant process, you will notice all your transplanted hair fall off. This is where the patients panic the most. However, this is a completely healthy sign of improvement and nothing to be worried about. When you notice that the transplanted hair is falling off, know that you are just one step away from getting your dense, new, and fresh beard.
  • Generally, the beard transplant process is done using two techniques – FUE and FUT. The former is the follicular unit extraction and the latter is the follicular unit transplantation. If the doctor performs the beard transplantation using the FUE method, you will not have to face any surgical sutures. However, if the hair transplantation is carried out with the FUT method, you can expect to get some absorbable sutures which will reduce within a few weeks.
  • For several weeks after the beard transplant surgery, you might have a sensation. This is nothing to be worried about. Some of the people may experience some numbness in the affected region as well.
  • You will not see any results right after the beard transplantation surgery. Instead, wait for two-three months to see the best results. Even though you get to see dense beard growth in the next two-three months, doctors advise you to shave six months after the surgery.

What is the best place for beard transplantation?

Indeed, there are several places for getting beard transplantation. However, of all places, Turkey is the best location for conducting beard transplantation. Millions of people head to Turkey to get beard transplant surgery for obvious reasons. Considering this, many may think of getting treated in Europe. But the facilities that Turkey provides are humongous. Here are the reasons that make Turkey a better option for a beard transplant surgery:

  • The affordable prices of Turkey make it a great option for many people willing to opt for a beard transplant surgery.
  • The efficient, skilled, and certified doctors make Turkey one of the most sought-after places for a beard transplant.
  • In Turkey, you don’t need to wait in long queues for booking an appointment. Instead, online booking is facilitated.
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  • With the help of certified doctors with proper education, you can consider getting a beard transplant process effortlessly.
  • The state-of-art medical centers in Turkey help the patients get operated on at ease.
  • The doctors in Turkey use the latest technology and advanced equipment to carry out the surgical process.


Now that you have got a clear idea about the beard transplantation process, it is time to head to the doctors of Turkey. Since the beard transplant clinics in Turkey offer online consultation, you do not have to wait for anything. Above all, follow the instructions of the doctors to recover soon.


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