What is PDO Hair Regrowth Treatment and Who Can Opt For It?


There is no particular reason for hair fall, PDO Hair may be due to the stress of daily life struggles, busy schedules, polluted environment, or any genetic tendency. We can see all sorts of hair problems on a regular basis around us, so much so that it has become a norm for even 30 year olds to have a balding hairline. If you are also facing such issues, then don’t let this hinder your confidence or life in general. You can also enjoy the luxury of having a thick, beautiful, full hairline without spending too much of your savings and enduring a lot of pain. Thankfully, we have better and more effective solutions now than we have a decade ago.

The solution is one of the most effective hair treatments that anyone can opt for without having to break their wallet. We are talking about the PDO Hair Regrowth treatment that can be done at any Hair Transplant in Kolkata and hair loss treatment in Kolkata. 

What is PDO Hair Regrowth Treatment?

PDO Hair Regrowth treatment is basically a kind of hair regrowth treatment that is most suitable for the person suffering from hair problems due to androgenetic alopecia. This is a painless treatment method that some of the best Hair Transplant Clinics in Kolkata and other areas of the country practise. A kind of synthetic suture made of PDO (Polydioxanone) is an FDA-cleared treatment that most clinics suggest to their clients for faster and painless treatment. It helps in reducing hair fall issues and increasing collagen production and making hair grow naturally in thick lengths.

The PDO threads that are sutured in the scalps of the patients stimulate hair growth within the timeframe of six or more months. This FUE hair Transplant in Kolkata hair growth treatment is suitable for both men as well as women. It is considered a very short procedure that starts showing results within 90 days of the treatment. 

Who Is Suitable For Getting PDO Hair Regrowth Treatment?

All male and female clients who are suffering from the hair problem of Androgenetic Alopecia are eligible to get treated with the PDO Hair Regrowth Treatment. This is a less painful method for filling the gaps and reducing the hair fall issues effectively. That too within the time frame of six months or more. Patients being treated with this program would sense a reduction in hair fall and increase in hair follicles after around 90 days of the procedure being done.

What Are The Benefits Of The PDA Hair Regrowth Treatment?

For all the people from Kolkata who are looking for a cost-effective hair transplantation in kolkata, going through with the painless PDO hair growth treatment is the best option. Here are some of the benefits that make this treatment a good choice:

Increased Hair Count: 

The PDO Hair Regrowth Treatment increases the regrowth of hair follicles in the patients to a great extent. It has been seen that the average number of 65 hair follicular units rises to 93 hair follicular units within the time frame of six months to more. This is a very good account making the clinics in best hair transplant clinic in Guwahati and Kolkata practising it one of the best hair treatment clinics. So, if you are suffering from severe hair gaps and hair fall issues, then get the PDO Hair Regrowth Treatment done for faster and better hair growth.

Collagen Production:

One of the main objectives of the PDO Hair Regrowth Treatment is to stimulate the production of collagen in the body. That too helps in stimulating the endogenous collagen production, which is the natural collagen production synthesised by the body. This increased collagen production helps in boosting the elasticity of the skin along with providing strength to the cells. Thus, helping the hair follicles to regrow fast and reducing hair fall by holding the roots on the scalp tightly. It also contains amino acids that work as a kind of hair protein for the hair follicles, thus strengthening the hair roots. This makes it one of the best hair transplant in Guwahati.

Fibroblasts & Elastin Hyaluronic Acid:

PDO Hair Regrowth Treatment induces the production of fibroblasts in the body which is a big part of the connective tissue helping straighten the hair roots for faster growth. The inducement of the elastin hyaluronic acid leads to the growth of frizzy-less and smooth hair growth. Hyaluronic acid helps in absorbing water and makes hair look more shiny and silky.

No Hair Transplantation:

One of the main specialities of going through the PDO Hair Regrowth Treatment is that it reduces the chance of getting the hair transplantation. Going through hair transplantation may not be the ideal choice for many so if someone wants to avoid it, this procedure can help. Hair transplantation also requires a lot more time as compared to PDO Treatment. Thus, having your hair grow naturally is a better option and PDO does that for all the patients suffering from Alopecia. Because of the growth of hair follicles within six months, it is considered to be a much more natural way of recovering from Alopecia than paying for the hair transplant cost in Kolkata

Painless Treatment:

Another speciality of PDO Hair Regrowth Treatment is that it makes the whole treatment less painful for the patients. Many of the few Hair Transplant in Kolkata and Guwahati like Dr Paul’s Clinic provide very good treatments for various hair issues along with the PDO treatment. 

PDO Treatment also works wonders by reducing and then stopping the hair fall issue in the patient within the passage of the six months when done in conjunction with other treatments. Follirich GFC Therapy and Cyclical Hair Loss Treatment Program are some of the programs that enhance the results when carried along with PDO at Dr Paul’s making it a very good hair transplant clinic in Kolkata and Hair Loss treatment in Guwahati.

These are the specialities that make PDO Hair Regrowth Treatment a much safer, pain-free, and faster method of growing hair than any other method. 

You can get this treatment at Dr Paul’s, one of the best hair transplantation in kolkata and treatment clinics in Kolkata, Guwahati, Jorhat, etc.


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