What is influencer marketing and why should you use it?


Standing out on the Internet is not easy. There are so many brands available, online and internationally, that even the big names are bent on trying to keep their place. This is why a large number of them use the services of a community manager to manage their influencer marketing. Here’s how to maximize your online communication, in 2021, through influencer marketing.

Definition of influencer marketing

The goal of influencer marketing is to reach our target audience. Using the power of influence that some people have on the internet. In general, they are specialists in social networks. Who has accumulated a large follower base, and who offers brands to them? Since there is a feeling of trust between influencing him (English name) and his audience. It represents a significant influence on the consumption behavior of Internet users who follow him.

How to find the right influencers for your products and services?

This is by far the most important question when it comes to influencer marketing. Indeed, if we do not address the right influencers for our target. Our investment can turn out to be useless and therefore costly. It is very difficult to navigate in this world if you do not have a good knowledge of the field. This is why it is suggested to call on a freelance Community manager to take care of this task.

This person is mainly responsible for managing an online community. It allows the company, first of all, to address the right audience, through its social networks. As he is well acquainted with all the cogs and the environment on the Internet. He is the ideal person to find the influencers most able to create buzz around a brand. Or for the sale of specific products and services, from it. this.

What is influencer marketing used for?

It is increasingly difficult for brands and advertising agencies to reach their target audience. The advent of the Internet has opened many doors, but it has also greatly increased competition. Influencer marketing can be considering as the “plus”. That will ensure that the message is disseminates and well receives by Internet users. Here are some reasons to add influencer marketing to your strategies.


When you buy advertising, you pay to get visibility. Depending on the number of people the media reaches, this tool will be more or less interesting.
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However, the fact remains: whoever sees advertising knows that the business has to pay to be seen. This is noticeably different in the case of using an influencer; since there is a relationship of trust between him and his followers. This type of visibility sounds truer than other ads that a brand can buy. In addition, the positioning of a product on one of the influencer’s social networks Accounts ensures. That the latter identifies with the brand. This has the effect of also being transmitting to his followers.


It is certainly one of the greatest difficulties today. While our potential mass of buyers increases, it is easily lost in the globality of Internet users at the global level. Just because a large number of people have seen an advertisement does not mean that they will buy the product or service in question; if the majority of them are not interests in these, the results of the advertisement campaign will be disastrous. When you use influencer marketing, you specify the audience you are targeting. A study has shown that this marketing strategy reaches 92% of people interested in the brand. Obviously, this implies a fair choice of influencers, which can be guarantee by the use of a freelance community manager, as mentioned previously, in this article.


Influencers are 2.0 communication specialists. They create, every day, new posts, with modern looks that know how to reach the audience to which it is addresses. The use of these, therefore, allows the brand to benefit from the best advertising creators of today, who are entirely different from what was doing only a few years ago. The relevance of your communication will be greatly improves!


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