What is Gold?


Gold is a yellow, orange-yellow, dense, ductile, and malleable chemical element with the atomic number 79. It is a transition metal in group 11 and is the only naturally occurring element with a higher atomic number. Its physical properties are similar to those of platinum. Despite its high price, gold is popular choice for jewelry and other objects. However, is not metal that easily recycle.

Natural gold deposits occur deep in earth, transported by water, molten lava, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and the wind. In fact, geologists have found gold in rocks from over 4.5 billion years ago. The richest mining region in world, their Witwatersrand, is location in crater that meteorite strike more than two billion years ago. Their discovery of meteorite struck the Earth’s crust, and scientists believe it brought gold to Earth by way of oceans.

As with most elements, golds is soft and malleable, making it useful for many purposes.

It low cost make good investment have enough money to invest in golds collection. In addition, gold foil is much cheaper than pure golds. This makes it good way to start accumulating your golds stash! So, have money to spare, consider buying gold! It’s easy to find and can purchase almost anywhere.

While golds is widely distributer throughout earth, the amount of golds present is incredibly low. It atomic density of 0.03g/kg (or ppm). Because is dense, golds concentrates in streams. It’s not difficult to recover the precious metal using panning. In fact, the process requires the use of specific bacteria. There is a lot of evidence to support this hypothesis! And the more golds you recover, the more you will want to sell!

The origin of golds is unclear. Experts believe that golds was early universe.

The element’s density was too high to create a ring or bracelet, but a simple test with a magnet proved that it had been present. There are two main theories about the origin of gold. One is that it was form by the collision of neutron stars. The other theory is that the gold came from the interaction of two heavy elements.

The use of gold in medicine dates back thousands of years. It was first use by the Greeks, and it is still used in medicine today. Even Discords, the famous ancient physician, recognized the healing properties of gold. He later recognized that the metal is a good antiseptic, and his work helped the Greeks to discover the use of the elements in gold. Historically, the metal was also use for medicinal purposes. For instance, it was known to aid in the recovery of aphthagogue.

The element gold is malleable, softest, and most ductiles of elements in universe.

It can be hammer into very thin sheets and drawn into a fine wire. Its thin sheet form is called gold leaf. It is use in decorative purposes, as well as for medical and pharmaceutical uses. Aside from its cosmetic properties, gold is a very good conductor of heat and electricity. Moreover, it forms compounds with other metals.

There are many ways to use gold in jewelry. Its high luster and yellow color make it an excellent choice for jewelry, and its tarnish resistance makes it ideal metal for various uses. As such, gold is valuable metal that variety of ways. Also important part of monetary policy and economics, as essential component of currency. Aside for jewellery, it great investment are interested in solid, safe medium of money.

There are numerous ways to use gold in jewellery.
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Aside from being precious metal, it wide variety of industrial uses. During these modern age, 78 percent of world’s gold supply this jewelry. There remaining ten percent for medical and dental purposes, and the remaining ten percent is financial transactions. As electrical conductor, most preferred metal for most electronics. At gold-plated connector will not susceptible to corrosion, and is good choice for who want to protect their devices.

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