What equipment should you pay attention to with a pool vacuum cleaner?


The different types of pool vacuum cleaners are distinguished by their operating model.

The pool vacuum, which works with negative pressure, requires a pump to generate the vacuum. In the case of electric pool vacuums, pond aerator reviews is already integrated into the vacuum cleaner. To operate the pump, a power supply is necessary. The power supply can be provided with an electric pool vacuum cleaner by cable or battery-operated with a battery. The power cable must be long enough to allow the cleaning of the entire pool. You will also need a power outlet relative to the pool. However, the cleaning time is not limited to a pool vacuum cleaner with cable and the pool vacuum cleaner is available at all times, read in online tests for pool vacuums. A pool vacuum cleaner with a battery is charged before cleaning and can be used for water care without a disturbing cable. The maximum cleaning time is limited to the battery life.
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The advantages and disadvantages of a pool vacuum cleaner with a battery are shown below:


  • No annoying cable
  • Can be used for any pool size
  • No further connection is necessary
  • With charge level indicator


  • Must be charged before use
  • Cleaning is time-limited by battery life
  • Battery life limited

If you want to use an existing pump for the pool vacuum cleaner, then choose between a pool vacuum for a sand filter system or a pool vacuum for a skimmer. In both cases, the pool vacuum cleaner is connected to the filter system or skimmer with a hose. In order for the pool vacuum cleaner to be put into operation, the skimmer or filter system must be switched on. Online tests for pool vacuum cleaners primarily recommend pool vacuums for a sand filter system. The performance of a skimmer or a filter system with a cartridge may be too low for a pool vacuum cleaner.

Note: The pumping capacity of the pool vacuum cleaner must be compatible with the pumping capacity of the filter system or skimmer.

A pool vacuum cleaner for the garden hose does not require electricity and works according to a circulation principle. top pond pumps the circulation of the water occurs when water is filled into the pool cleaner via the garden hose. The incoming water circulates the pool water, and the water roller flushes the dirt into the pool vacuum cleaner’s net.

Good to know: Even a pool robot can be operated electrically by battery or power cable or connected to your filter system or skimmer with a hose.

Electric pool vacuum cleaner or pool robot

  • Function via negative pressure
  • Pump integrated into the device
  • Power supply via cable or battery required

Pool vacuum cleaner for pump or pool robot

  • Function via negative pressure
  • The pump of the filter or skimmer is also used
  • With the hose for connection to the filter system or skimmer

Pool vacuum cleaner for garden hose

  • Function by circulation according to the Venturi principle
  • No power supply required
  • Connection is made via a garden hose


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