What Does A Power Chain On Braces Do?


If you have braces, or are getting braces, you might have seen the power chain being sold in stores or online, claiming to make your braces easier to keep clean and bacteria-free. However, what does the power chain actually do? And how much can it really help you when you’re brushing your teeth?
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This guide will explain everything you need to know about power chain braces, including whether they’re worth investing in or not!

How Power Chains Work

These rubber or plastic tubes are threaded through a child’s braces to provide reinforcement. Parents and dental health professionals often attach a power chains braces to help reinforce weak spots in an oral appliance that may not be responding well to treatment. Power chains can also help keep multiple tooth positions moving at about the same rate so teeth don’t become misaligned due to treatment. These devices are generally use for short periods of time, though power chains do not interfere with your child’s ability to eat or speak normally, since they don’t connect directly to his teeth. If you have questions about whether your child should wear one of these rubber bands, talk with your dentist or orthodontist.

Benefits of Power Chains

The main purpose of a power chain is to strengthen and align your jaw. When you wear braces, they’re suppose to gradually straighten your teeth; but if there are one or two teeth that haven’t moved much yet, you can use a power chain to help them get back on track—without having to undergo expensive and painful orthodontic treatment later on. Power chains come in plastic or metal; either works just fine as long as you don’t over-tighten it around your braces. You should also avoid attaching any elastic bands or rubber bands, which could loosen and snap back into your mouth at high speeds when your braces aren’t wearing them.

How To Use Power Chains Effectively

When it comes to their orthodontic treatment, patients have a few choices. Power chains can be use in conjunction with traditional metal braces and clear aligners. For example, one power chain is wrap around two teeth and attached to a wire that goes down to another power chain which has been place around other teeth on the bottom half of your mouth. The end result is fewer visible wires than with traditional braces. You’ll want to use power chains for at least eight hours per day to maximize results. If you fail to do so, you may notice that your treatment takes longer than originally anticipated because your teeth won’t move as quickly as they would if you were diligent about using them.

How to Remove Power Chains

Removing a power chain from braces is simple and quick if you know how to do it. All that’s require is a pair of thin, flat nose pliers (sold as dental extractors) and a wrench. Insert one end of your pliers into one of the links on your power chain at an angle, angling away from your teeth. Then insert that same end of your pliers into a link in another power chain link (the one closest to where you made contact with you first power chain link). Use light pressure so that both ends are connect firmly. Once they’re firmly insert, use your wrench to loosen up each section just enough so that you can twist each side out individually. The whole process should take less than 10 minutes.

Common Issues and Troubleshooting Tips

If you have power chains on your braces and they’re not making a lot of noise, it could be because: 1) you haven’t worn them for long enough (usually 3 days to a week); 2) your brackets are misaligned; or 3) you don’t have enough power chains. If these issues persist, see your orthodontist or dentist for an adjustment. They’ll make sure that everything is in place and move any tooth with interference as needed.


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