What Are The Various Uses Of Anti Theft Alarms?


You must have heard that in most public places like Museums, Offices, Banks, ATMs, etc. there is an anti-theft alarm system installed that helps in monitoring the premises 24/7. This system consists of intrusion sensors and detectors that find the presence of an unauthorised person and inform the present authorities about the occurrence. They have varying uses and are heavily found in many locations. Some of the most common uses of anti-theft alarms are:

  • Cars & Other Vehicles:

If you also have a car or other vehicle with an anti theft alarm system, then whenever someone touches your vehicle, the alarm would make a loud sound informing you about your property being apprehended. This is a very useful facility that helps to keep the vehicles safe from being stolen while they are parked anywhere. If the person without access to the keys of the vehicle tries to open it, the alarm will start sounding. This anti theft alarm is installed inside the vehicle while they are being manufactured. It can also be fitted in a two-wheeler along with a four-wheeler.

  • House & Other Buildings:

It is a very smart choice to install an anti theft alarm system in your home, office, and other kinds of buildings. These alarm systems come in handy to protect the property and belongings of the owner safely and securely. They are installed near the main gate of the house. So that whenever an unauthorised person is trying to enter the property, they will detect the disturbance from the normal environment. Then, the anti theft alarm will inform the owners, residents, and nearby security authorities about the unwanted presence. Thus, alerting everyone and securing the safety of belongings and life. 

  • Banks, ATMs, And Museums:

Along with normal places like home, anti theft alarm systems also come in handy for public places such as Banks, ATMs, Museums, etc. These places have a collection of precious items and large amounts of cash, which is important for the public and cultural aspects of life. Anti theft alarms are installed in Banks to protect the stored cash by only providing the main working staff access to various accounts. Even the vans that transfer cash from one bank to another, can be stored in a vault designed to be opened only with a code. Thus, if the van gets stolen, access to the cash won’t be easily possible for the thieves. 

Similarly, ATMs can also be installed with anti theft alarms so that they can be monitored 24/7. Optic sensors are also installed which only record the footage in ATMs when there is a user in the cubicle. This helps in saving memories and provides easy access to police authorities while they are checking the footage of a thief in an ATM.

  • Locating The Stolen/ Lost Device:

Nowadays due to modern devices and technologies, many things are possible that were not even imaginable before. One of such things is locating a stolen device. Now, if your mobile phone, car, laptop, or other electronic device has been lost or stolen by a burglar/thief, then it can be easily located. This is possible with the help of an anti theft alarm. All the devices that have an anti theft alarm system installed in them while they are being manufactured, can be easily found by the control panel. Through the guidance of GPS, these devices show their location and thus can be found easily. 

An anti theft alarm installed in the form of an application on mobile phones also helps in recovering data from the old stolen phone into the new one. The loud noise of alarm also helps in scaring the thieves off the property thus stopping a crime.

These are some of the main uses of an anti theft alarm. So, if you want to protect your property and belongings, then you should also get your place installed with one.


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