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What are the costs of removing floor tiles?


If the old tile covering no longer pleases, it often has to be removed as part of a renovation. The removal of floor tiles is much more difficult and exhausting than the removal of wall tiles. Not least because there is a high risk of further damage when removing tiled floors. Craftsmen need to be very careful when removing the floor. 

The cost of removing floor tiles is highly dependent on the effort and associated time required by the professional. For this reason, tilers usually bill in hourly wages. In most cases, an hourly wage of 40 to 50 euros is charged. In addition, there are possible disposal costs for the construction rubble, unless you would take over this yourself. In most cases, best sander for drywall renting a small rubble container is worthwhile.

A cost example from practice

In a house, old tiles are to be removed in a living room. The floor is equipped with underfloor heating and has a size of 40 square meters. The old floor tiles are firmly glued with tile glue. Per hour away the craftsman 2 square meters of floor tiles. The hourly wage is 38 euros.

Position Hourly wage

Professional tiler approx. 40,00 – 50,00 Euro

When removing the old floor tiles, it is not only about the pure removal, but rather about the size of the room and the adhesive strength of the tile adhesive. Furthermore, the specialist must assess whether he has to take special precautions, for example because of underfloor heating.

When is it necessary to remove floor tiles?

If you want to provide a floor covering with new tiles as part of a renovation, you can usually simply glue this over it. The old tile covering does not necessarily have to be removed. If there are problems due to the additional installation height due to the new covering, the tiler or the do-it-yourselfer can lay so-called renovation tiles.

The old tile covering only needs to be removed if the tiles are badly damaged or if another floor covering is to be laid instead of the tiles. Even a new and modern vinyl floor can be laid without tile removal.

How does a tiler remove old floor tiles?

Basically, the specialist proceeds with the removal of the old floor tiles in the same way as a do-it-yourselfer would do it himself. However, the tiler usually uses professional equipment, such as a robust hammer drill, while do-it-yourselfers usually only use a hand chisel or other chisel.

What amount of work does a specialist expect for 20 square meters of floor tiles to remove?

This question cannot be answered in general, because the time it takes to remove the floor tiles depends on the soil conditions. In favorable cases, the tiler can remove about 2 to 3 square meters of floor tiles per hour. If it runs less well, it can also be significantly fewer square meters.

To have 20 square meters of floor tiles removed by a professional, you have to expect a full working day or more.

Before tilers prepare a cost estimate, they partially remove floor tiles in order to better estimate the amount of work. Thus, the specialist can determine exactly how many hours he needs for the removal of the old floor tiles and what costs you have to expect.

When can there be problems removing the old floor tiles?

It becomes particularly difficult when removing a very old tile covering. Usually these floor tiles are laid in a mortar bed or in screed. Removing tiles from mortar or screed is much more difficult and therefore also means a greater amount of work.

Especially if the mortar is not brittle and has no damage, this will increase the time required to remove the floor tiles.

As a rule, the adhesive force of the adhesive and the floor tiles plays an important role in the time required to remove the floor tiles. The higher the adhesive strength of the tile adhesive, the more difficult it is for craftsmen to remove the floor tiles.

Can there be problems with underfloor heating?

In any case, this question must be answered with a clear YES. If there is underfloor heating under the tile covering, the specialist only makes very slow progress, because he must be careful that there is no damage to the pipes of the underfloor heating in the cavities. Since the tiler can only proceed very carefully and correspondingly slowly, you have to expect higher costs when removing the floor tiles. In any case, it is advisable to have a cost estimate for the replacement of the tile covering.

Save costs when removing the floor tiles yourself?

With the costs for the removal of the floor tiles in own contribution you can save significantly. A hammer drill, a hammer or a chisel with attachment can usually be borrowed cheaply in the hardware store. The disposal of the debris is usually also unproblematic. With a bucket you can easily carry the debris to the rubble container. For the rental of hammer drills and Co. you have to expect prices of around 40 euros per day or 60 euros for a weekend.

Apart from protective clothing and goggles due to nuisance caused by dust, only a small amount of other materials are needed. However, you should exercise increased caution, especially with underfloor heating. The same applies to the right substrate when laying the new floor tiles. In many cases, floor tiles are laid in a kind of thick bed.

Is it possible to remove only individual damaged floor tiles?

This is possible, but not always easy. Here you should better let a specialist to work. The tiler can mill out the joint mass of the joints around the damaged tile and then remove the floor tile with a special device. In most cases, the adhesive is deprived of its adhesive force with steam and very high temperatures. Depending on the tile adhesive used, this can take between 15 to 20 minutes per tile.

In such a case, one should assume the usual hourly wage between 40 and 50 euros. Furthermore, the specialist can make a much better cutting of the required tile than if you take over this on your own. Also the plastering of the joints usually looks more neat.

Removing the individual floor tiles on your own is not recommended. The risk is too great that the floor tiles next to it will be damaged with a spatula when setting up the grout or cement. The resulting damage is usually significantly higher than the cost of a tiler.


The removal of old floor tiles can have many reasons – a renovation is just as conceivable here as simply new and modern tiles. With a tiler, the work is relatively easy, because this usually uses hammer drills and Co. Caution must only be exercised with underfloor heating, because it can quickly happen that in cavities the pipes of the underfloor heating are damaged.

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