Wear Face Masks for Protection Against Coronavirus


Does a face mask help slow the spread of the virus that causes coronavirus (COVID19)? Well, yes! Combining face masks like reusable antiviral face mask, waterproof medical face masks, etc., with other precautions such as vaccination, frequent hand washing, and physical distance can slow the spread of the virus that causes COVID 19.

Masks should be used as part of an overall strategy of preventing transmission and saving lives; Masks alone are not sufficient to provide an appropriate level of protection against COVID19. If COVID19 is spreading in your community, stay safe by taking some simple precautions, such as physical distancing, wearing masks, ventilated rooms, avoiding crowds, wiping hands, and coughing with your elbow or a folded handkerchief. 

Make wearing a mask a part of being around other people. Using, storing, and properly cleaning or disposing of masks is key to making them as effective as possible.

As a result, we are starting this post by mentioning some basics of wearing a mask. 

How to wear a mask?

  • Clean your hands before putting on the mask, before and after removing the mask, and after you touch it. 
  • Make sure it covers your nose, mouth, and chin. 
  • When removing the mask, put it in a clean plastic bag and wash it daily if it is a cloth mask. Otherwise, throw it in the trash can if it is a medical mask.
  •  Do not use a mask with a valve.

How Do The Different Types Of Mask Work? 

Wear a mask to provide the highest level of protection. Wearing a mask becomes indispensable if your immune system is weak or you are at high risk of serious illness. There are various masks that safeguard you from different types of risks. Let’s discuss the working of these masks part by part. 

Medical Face Masks

Medical face masks, aka waterproof medical face masks, are also called surgical masks. The bonus point of this mask is that it is a loose-fitting disposable mask. They are structured to protect the wearer from contact with sprays and droplets that may contain bacteria. Medical masks also filter large particles in the air when the wearer inhales—tying the ear loops attached to the mask to better fit the medical mask. Then fold the unwanted material and push it under the edge. Wearing a medical mask does not increase carbon dioxide levels in the breathing air.

N95 Face Masks

The N95 mask is the finest reusable antiviral face mask. It is a breathing device that meets the US quality criteria. N95 provides the highest level of protection. This mask filters both the large and small particles as the wearer inhales the air. The general public also uses these N95 maks. The CDC says that the surgical N95 mask should be reserved for the health service provider. As a surgical mask, N95 masks should be redeemable. However, researchers are experimenting and testing the ways to disinfect and recover them. Some N95 masks and some fabric masks have valves that make it easier for us to breathe through them. Unfortunately, these masks do not filter what the wearer exhales. For this reason, it is prohibited in some places.

Cloth Face Masks

Cloth masks, aka best breathable face masks, are supposed to lure breathing droplets that might be launched while the wearer talks, coughs or sneezes. It additionally acts as a barrier to guard the wearer against breathing in droplets released by others. The best cloths mask are manufactured from more than one layer of tightly-woven material like cotton. Masks with layers will forestall extra droplets from getting via your masks or escaping from them. Wearing a mask doesn`t boost the extent of carbon dioxide within the air you breathe.

If you put on a gaiter, ensure it has at least two layers of material.

KN95 Face Masks 

A KN95 mask is a type of mask that meets certain international standards. It offers better protection than a medical mask because it filters out both large and small particles when inhaled by the wearer. However, be careful when buying KN95 because many people sell fake masks that don’t meet the quality standards. 

Wrapping Up 

After vaccination, you can safely resume activities that were not possible due to the pandemic. However, if you are in a place where many people are hospitalized for COVID 19 and new COVID 19 cases, the CDC recommends wearing a mask in public. Even if you are fully vaccinated, the government suggests you wear masks in the public area. Therefore, it becomes mandatory for each of us to wear masks whenever we go out. To buy the best breathable face masks, visit the website of Solar Health Supplies and get yourself the best nominal deal. 


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