We Finally Found The Best Nicotine Free Vape Kits


Today’s vaping industry is saturated with new products coming out by the thousands every year. Unfortunately, this can make things confusing for people who just want a decent nicotine substitute that can be easily enjoyed without having to learn how to operate yet another complicated gadget.

Fortunately, some companies have got nicotine-free vape system kits down pat. Many of them have been in the business for years and understand what people are after when looking for when trying to get off nicotine-based products.

Cyclone Pods really nailed it when they came up a few years ago with their Gust and Thunder pods. Their products are made for those who want to experience something new right away, offering a distinctively tasty flavor out of the box while keeping it simple.

Their great nicotine-free vape pods have been a favorite among cloud chasers for years, providing quality without having to come up with gimmicky features. Cyclone Pods really nailed the process of producing that velvety smoke most vapers enjoy. In addition, all of their pods and puff bars are completely leak-resistant and provide twice as much juice as the regular JUUL stick.

We find that their products also allow you to fine-tune your draws. For example, with a deep draw, you can get that nice kick at the back of the throat that is very similar to that of cigarettes minus the tar and nicotine. You can also take deep puffs right to the lungs for full-bodied clouds and deeper flavor.

The flavor on these nicotine-free vapes is impeccable. You can taste them the second you tear up the packaging, so you already know what they’re about before you even start drawing. They are wholesome and offer a lot of great undertones that can get quite entertaining to decipher but are not overwhelming as to numb your senses.


All Cyclone Pods nicotine-free vape kits feel comfortable in your hand. Yet they have a nice weight that lets you feel the built quality. The mouthpiece feels excellent, not too wide, not too narrow, allowing for rich draws every time.

Mint flavor is an excellent way to get you started with the Cyclone Pods. We also recommend Mango and Strawberry for those with a sweet tooth. However, those who enjoy solid and earthy flavors will love Coffee and Bold Tobacco pods.

The best part about Cyclone Pods is that they are convenient and affordable. This makes them a great choice for those who want to dip their toes in the pool of vaping without having to invest heavily in gear like juices, tanks, coils before knowing if nicotine-free vapes are for them. Those who want to fully experience vaping and its advantages only need one of Cyclone Pods’ nicotine-free vape kits to get started.

But Cyclone Pods are not exclusively made with noobs in mind. Vaping veterans who are looking for healthier alternatives to nicotine-based options. Nicotine has several effects on our bodies when inhaled. One of them is that familiar nicotine hit in the back of the throat that many consider an essential part of the hobby. The Cyclone Thunder nicotine-free vape kit perfectly emulates that throat hit. It also offers different modes depending on what you are after.

You can customize your draws, getting tighter puffs for mouth-to-lung draws for a cigarette feel and a more controlled liquid consumption for extended usage. But the Thunder also gives you the option to take deep direct to lung draws, generating a cleaner and thicker vapor for a more satisfying and wholesome experience.

Direct-to-lung draws let the flavors simmer a lot longer in the lungs, allowing you to easily decode complex flavors without the dangers of inhaling harmful chemicals and combustion byproducts.

The company repeatedly states its commitment to creating perfectly safe vaping products, pointing out that its goal is not to make people addicted to its products. After tasting all their delicious flavors and experimenting with their Gust and Thunder products, we can say that they’re among the best nicotine-free vape kit manufacturers out there. Their varieties are strong enough to give you a decent throat hit and delicious flavors without becoming overwhelming, making for great All-Day-Vapes.

Disposable Gust kits are incredibly affordable and will provide you with hundreds of tasteful puffs, making them an excellent choice for newcomers or a quick party puff. And their Thunder kits offer excellent built quality and additional features for experienced users who want a warmer and fuller vaping experience.

Check out Cyclone Pods’ website to learn more about their products and incredible flavors. They have hundreds of reviews from real users, so you know they’re legit. You can also contact them directly if you have any questions.

Thanks for reading, and have a great vape!


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