WayForward Technologies the Next Big Thing in Online Gaming


If the current trends of online gaming continue, WayForward Technologies could be poise to take the gaming industry by storm. The company has a history of producing quality games that are popular on handheld consoles, including the Game Boy Color and Nintendo 3DS. It has also worked on titles for personal computers and has produced licensed games for the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade. This could prove to be a significant boost for the company’s growth.

Nintendo has been in talks with WayForward for a long time and has been interest in the studio’s talent. It could be a good fit for Nintendo, especially since WayForward has been developing games for the company. If this deal were to go through, it could mean that the company could develop games based on the company’s intellectual property, such as Advance Wars, Golden Sun, Kid Icarus, and the long-forgotten F-Zero. These games would be decent games that fans would likely enjoy, and would be a new entry into their favorite franchises.

The development of original IP for games has been an important part of WayForward Technologies’ success.

The company has been developing games for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U since 2009. The company has also created games for the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade. As of March 2008, the company has merged with Nintendojo. The firm has a strong focus on creating games for portable gaming consoles and will continue to do so in the future.

Voldi Way founded WayForward Technologies in 1990, as an independent videogame developer. Previously, he had started a software company that developed sheet metal fabrication programs. The company’s first products included the Game Gear and Game Boy Color. Its next venture was to create educational computer games, such as Leapster. Before this, the staff of WayForward worked in other jobs to support their dream of being a game developer.

In addition to its original game properties, WayForward has worked on licensed titles for Nintendo.

The company’s first Shantae series, published by Capcom, was developed by WayForward Technologies. The company has also worked on other handheld consoles, including the Game Boy and Nintendo 3DS. Other games have been created by the company for personal computers. In addition to these, the company has created games for the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network.

Nintendo has been in discussions with WayForward for a while. It is also working on intellectual properties for the Nintendo Switch. Its latest projects include Contra 4, Gold Sun, Kid Icarus, and the recently merged with Nintendojo. The company’s portfolio includes more than two hundred titles and continues to grow. It has produced more than 200 games. The company has also partnered with other game developers, such as Disney and Microsoft.

In addition to developing games for Nintendo, WayForward also develops other games for Nintendo.

Some of its best-known titles include DuckTales Remastered, Double Dragon Neon, and Hey Ice King! Why Did You Steal Our Garbage?! The company has also worked with companies like Sega and Bethesda to boost their lineups. Even after acquiring WayForward Technologies, the game developers have been creating games for the Nintendo system.

As a game developer, WayForward has developed over 200 titles. In addition to making games for Nintendo consoles, the company has also developed original IP for video games. Its most successful products include DuckTales Remastered, Double Dragon Neon, Adventure Time, and Batman: The Brave & the Bold. In fact, the company has created original IPs for many other platforms, including videogames, cartoons, and computer applications.

One of WayForward’s most notable games is Shantae.

The company has also developed several other videogame titles that have become popular on other platforms. The Shantae series was published by Capcom. Other games by WayForward Technologies include a number of original titles. The company has also worked on mobile devices and educational computer games for the Personal Computer. They have also collaborated with Nintendojo. So, the company is not just a game developer.

The company has been in the videogame business since its early days of the Game Boy. While they’ve primarily worked as a “developer for hire”, WayForward has also worked on a few projects for third-party publishers. Their titles are mostly geared towards kids and have various themes. The company has also been a major supplier to the Nintendo Company. They have created hundreds of videogames and a variety of other entertainment software.


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