Heavy-duty machines designed to carry out the many industrial applications and configuration of processing and levelling light as well as heavy materials are known as industrial shredders. Throughout this decade, there has been an improvement in the technology of industrial shredders as per their use. There are many kinds of shredders for processing different materials such as paper, plastic, ferrous and non-ferrous materials, wood, etc. They are also known as Granulators or waste shredders, as the things they shred are considered as waste.

An industrial shredder is an environmentally sound machine, which varies from a small paper shredder in commercial places to huge shredders designed to dispose of materials or level them. Following are some of the types of shredders with their uses:

  1. E-waste shredder:

In present times, along with standard waste materials, e-waste is also being generated. This e-waste includes many electronic merchandise and gadgets like hard drives, keyboards, wires, mouse, tablets, cameras, monitors, and so on. The machine used to shred these waste items is known as an e-waste shredder or electronic waste shredder. It is an affordable industrial shredder that works in easy and direct recovery of economical products along with shredding of waste products.


  • Shredding electronic gadgets like a mouse, cameras, monitors, etc.
  • Recovering the parts in the e-waste with any economical value.
  1. Rubber Shredder:

The type of shredder used to process and shred the tyres and other rubber-made items are known as Rubber Shredder. It is generally used in the automobile industry to level the many tyres from the old and junk vehicles. They are also known as tyre shredders. The levelled tyres are then used for various manfacturing purposes, especially the construction of roads and tracks.


  • They are used for recycling tyres.
  • The tyre mulch and tyre crumb are used in creating playground surfaces, athletic tracks, roads, etc.
  1. Medical Waste Shredder:

To safely eliminate the used steriles, injections, and other medically used materials, medical waste shredders are used. They are very important as they help in converting the medical waste into regular waste, which is then disposed of by another waste disposal method. Keeping the sterilisation procedure of the medical waste in mind, these shredders are created with care.


  • To convert medical waste into regular waste.
  • Preparing medical waste for sterilisation by shredding in fine particles.
  1. Paper Shredder:

One of the most commonly seen kinds of industrial shredder is the paper shredder. They are used to shred papers and official documents in thin stripes or fine particles, making them indescribable. Paper shredders are used in various domestic as well as commercial places like homes, offices, courts, schools, etc. They reduce the chances of leaking confidential bits from offices by discarding documents in shredders.


  • To shred official and non-official documents.
  • Helps in maintaining the confidentiality of any organisation through their paperwork.

Industrial shredders are amazing machines that convert unwanted waste materials into a whole new product, useful for and by society. They are extremely helpful in keeping the environment clean and healthy.


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