Unsafe Foods For Dogs


Unsafe Foods For Dogs,  vet London ON

Dogs are known for having very robust appetites. Most of our canine pals will happily snap up anything that falls to the floor. Some pups are even bold enough to snatch up things that are within reach. This may be cute, but Foods also quite dangerous. Not everything that is safe for us is okay for pets.

Some of the most dangerous foods for our four-legged friends may surprise you. Grapes, currants, and raisins are at the top of the list. Even eating just one of these small fruits may be enough to cause organ failure! Also on the list are garlic and onions; avocado; nuts; mushrooms; pitted fruits; meat on the bone; alcohol; chocolate; and raw dough or yeast. Anything that contains xylitol is also unsafe, as are foods that are high in salt, sugar, or fat.

This is one area where it’s always best to err on the side of caution. Never give your pooch anything without first checking to be sure it is safe for him. If you are having guests over, ask them not to feed your dog without checking first. You’ll also need to keep a close eye on little kids, as children may innocently try to share their snacks with their furry pals.

Ask your vet London, ON for more dog-care tips.


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