Trends In Assisted Living


Assisted living facilities have become increasingly focused on the latest technology and a focus on hospitality, in order to stay competitive in difficult economic times. Knowing the implications of trends in assisted living in Toronto by ask4care will aid families who are currently looking into the many choices available to their elderly loved family members.

Assisted Living Trend 1: Wellness Programs To Enhance & Promote A Healthy Lifestyle

As of 2009, the average age of those who are moving into assisted living facilities across the country averaged 84.6 years. As people be delayed longer and longer until they can be able to leave their homes and move to senior living communities and facilities, the industry is seeking to increase the duration of their stay by encouraging wellbeing and health in their residents. Nearly every major competitor has created an all-encompassing program that includes various exercise classes, and/or access to nearby fitness centers, healthy food choices, as well as educational and spiritual opportunities. Facilities and services that emphasize health and wellness include massage therapy on-site, exercise equipment designed specifically for older people, computer classes using specialized equipment, and large screens, as and flexible hours for dining in order to accommodate medical appointments and other activities. The effectiveness of these programs enhances the overall health and well-being of existing residents as well as attracts younger residents that are committed to maintaining their active lives.

Assisted Living Trend 2: Larger Apartments And Increased Apartment Amenities

From 2006 to 2009 there was a decrease in the number of rooms available in assisted housing has dropped from a national average of 53 to 63. This number is indicative of a trend to combine two units to accommodate those who want bigger living areas. While studios were once the most commonly used kind of it apartments, however, one-bedroom units are more popular and permit residents to retain more furnishings and other belongings that help make their new place seem like their home. Additionally, the majority of couples who are moving into assisted living Toronto care facilities have separate bedrooms to allow to ensure a better sleeping environment. The facilities typically have spacious walk-in closets with 9-foot ceilings, patios, or balconies that can accommodate pets and kitchenettes that are upgraded that include microwaves and refrigerators of small sizes.

Assisted Living Trend 3: Increased Flexibility In Financing Assisted Living Due to the economic challenges there is a growing number of assisted communities enrolled in Medicaid. Based on a collaborative research project that was conducted in 2009, by the Assisted Living Federation of Canada, more than half of those who responded to assisted-living facilities have licensed as much as 25 percent of their homes to Medicaid. Others communities that don’t take Medicaid have partnered with companies that offer financing options, like a line of credit to allow for the move prior to selling homes. These kinds of financing options are extremely beneficial for seniors who depend on the equity of their homes to pay for assisted care. With the increasing amount of veterans who are currently being admitted to assisted living facilities, the providers are committed to promoting and publicizing the Veterans aid & attendance program. To learn more about the requirements to be eligible for the program check out the Veteran Aid website. There’s never an ideal time to inquire with it facilities to waive entry charges or lock-in current rates and get assistance in the event of a move! Visit now


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