Trending 9 story books for kids these days


Stories play an important role in the life of children. Parents often read stories aloud to kids and they really enjoy this session. This is the starting point for developing early reading habits in kids. The kids start to develop reading on their own.

Reading stories have plenty of benefits to kids:

  • While reading books, kids come across new words. This builds their vocabulary. They get to use new words in their day to day conversations.
  • Kids get to develop their own perspective and opinions about people around them.
  • Reading books everyday also helps kids in enhanced writing skills. There is fluency in their writing too.
  • When kids read stories, they start to imagine the characters, plot and setting. They let their imagination run wild and they think creatively and visualise everything.
  • There is a sense of accomplishment when kids finish reading any book. They feel happy and relaxed. The moment they finish reading a book. They wish to read more!
  • Kids get to develop a lifelong love for reading. They wish to read more and more books.

There are various story books available for kids these days. There are different categories too. Children may like to read about fairytales, dinosaurs, moral stories, princess stories, mythological stories, ghost stories, magical stories and several others too. Parents should buy books as per the liking of their children. Buying age appropriate books is very necessary for children.

In India, we have various children book publishers. One of them is Pegasus. Pegasus is a very famous children’s brand. They deal in children books, games, toys and puzzles. Their products are for kids aged 0-12 years.

 Trending story books from Pegasus these days are listed below:

Ruskin Bond stories are loved by children. They feel so connected and engrossed in his stories. His writing style is different from other authors. He writes for children in a simple, subtle and yet engaging manner. His stories are tales based on nature and are mostly related to animals. Pegasus has a few of his very famous stories for kids: Animal Adventures, From the Cradle of Nature, Amazing Stories for Children, Adventure Stories for Children, Stories of Wisdom, Tales from the Childhood and Magical Stories for Children.

There are stories which we have heard from generations and now have become all time favourite stories for all of us. These stories are very delightful and children love to hear or read about them. You just name the story and they already know the characters, plot and everything. The famous stories listed in this series of All Time Favourite are Cinderella, The Thirsty Crow, Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Robin Hood and more in the collection.

Pop-up books are catching everyones’ attention these days. These books are very popular among kids. Pop-up books help kids to visualise better. This series includes stories of Snow White, Rapunzel, Cinderella, Puss in Boots, Pinocchio and Beauty & the Best. These books are 3D books and are good for kids aged 2 years and above.

Bedtime is incomplete without reading stories to children. Parents often before bed read stories for their children. This should be a daily routine so as to develop the love for reading among kids. There are some of the really amazing stories for kids in this series: Forty Fortunes, The Little Match Girl, Little Tom Thumb, The Fir Tree, The Wooden Shoes, The Hidden Hunter, The Wooden Horse, The Gingerbread Man, The Three Trees, The Three Billy Goats.

This is an interesting series of story books where kids get to read 199 stories on the particular theme. There are 9 different themes: 199 Animal Stories, 199 Bedtime Stories, 199 Bible Stories, 199 Fairy Tales, 199 Moral Stories, 199 Stories for Boys, 199 Stories for Girls, 199 Panchatantra Stories and 199 Stories from around the world. The stories are written in simple language and kids are able to understand the stories easily.

Kids get bored easily from reading long stories. They tend to lose interest in the middle only. This series 5 Minute Stories is introduced to kids so that they don’t get bored and their interest remains there. These are short and crisp stories for kids. They could read these stories by themselves or parents could read those stories out to them.

Children often get bored from reading the same story everyday so to ease this boredom this series 365 stories has been introduced. These books contain 365 stories for the kids. Each day a new story to read. Children find these stories really very engaging and entertaining. These are padded books with foil covers. The titles are 365 amazing stories, 365 animal tales, 365 bible stories, 365 fairy tales, 365 goodnight stories, 365 magical tales, 365 moral stories, 365 princess tales and ghost stories for 365 days.

It’s good if parents develop this habit of knowing about the Indian Mythology. This series is the perfect one to introduce kids with Indian Mythology. The books introduced in this series will help kids to know about mythology in a really good manner. The titles are Tales of Victorious Lord Ganesha, Tales of Mighty Hanuman, Tales of Compassionate Krishna, Tales of Righteous Lord Rama and Tales of Gracious Lord Shiva.  These are picture books in which each story is accompanied with colourful illustrations. The books come with beautiful covers with foil printing on it which gives it a premium look.

These are some of the trending story books for kids. Parents could buy these books from the Pegasus website or from their stores as well.


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